Weaponized Ideology

This article appeared originally on The Daily Caller.

Evidence has been emerging over the past week that the anti-Trump protests and riots disrupting cities across America are not spontaneous or grassroots in their origin. It has come to light rather that these sometimes violent and disruptive demonstrations are being organized by a nationwide network of non-profit organizations with links to billionaire financier George Soros.

Ads posted by Soros-linked liberal groups have been appearing on Craigslist sites across the nation offering payment to participate in the anti-Trump protests. President-elect Trump himself stated during his interview with 60 Minutes that professional protesters were behind the riots.

The question in many Americans’ minds is not only what animates these angry, hateful protesters out on the streets but also what motivates a billionaire like Soros to foment unrest across the nation?

This question becomes even more disturbing given revelations that Soros has been involved in Europe’s Middle Eastern migrant crisis, has funded the Black Lives Matter movement and was one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest political donors during the presidential campaign. He is also openly leading the liberal resistance strategy against the Trump presidency.

So what is driving George Soros to carry out this anti-American agenda?

George Soros is a neo-Marxist who came of age during the tumultuous Nazi occupation of Europe. Pretending to be Christian to avoid the persecution of Jews, Soros managed to survive through to the liberation of his native Hungary. After the war, Soros studied at the London School of Economics under Dr Karl Popper before moving to America in 1956.

The London School of Economics was founded by Fabian Socialists Beatrice and Sidney Webb. It has long been a center for Marxist thought, and Karl Popper fit right in there. Like Soros, Popper was a Central European Jew displaced by the Nazi juggernaut. He had fled to New Zealand, where he wrote his famous political work ‘The Open Society and its Enemies’.

This book is key to understanding what motivates George Soros. He even named his flagship political organization The Open Society Institute.

Popper’s thesis is that there are two types of societies in history – open societies and closed ones. A closed society is tribal and hierarchical, has a culture based on fixed beliefs about reality and is not welcoming of foreigners. An open society, on the other hand, is philosophical, creative and open to outsiders.

Popper imagines a model in which democratic societies are open and totalitarian societies are closed. In Popper’s political philosophy, a democratic state must seek to erase its ethnic identity and any traces of cultural heritage for it to achieve freedom and avoid tyranny. There must be no distinctions between people for utopia to be possible.

Popper praised Karl Marx’s ‘humanitarian’ intentions but criticized him for taking on elements of closed societies in his political philosophy. For Popper, Marx wasn’t radical enough when it came to multiculturalism and open borders.

With this background, we can begin to see how Soros’ globalist agenda fits neatly with the Cultural Marxist teachings which the New Left academic radicals have indoctrinated into America’s youth since the 1960’s. Soros’ astroturfing organizations find a willing army of anti-Trumpers on the campuses and in the liberal cities of coastal America.

In the hands of a billionaire social engineer such as Soros, the anti-American Cultural Marxist ideology preached across America’s education establishment becomes a weapon which can be wielded to take the nation hostage.

Like religions, political ideologies are incredibly powerful at mobilizing large groups of people. The mass movements of the twentieth century – the wars and political and cultural revolutions – were animated by the power of ideological belief. New Left ideology has been taught to America’s children and young adults for 50 years now, and the division and political violence we are seeing in the cities of America today is its fruit.

Anti-American Marxist rioters are not born. They are made. They are made by having the New Left doctrines of white guilt, male privilege, black victimhood and female subjugation preached to them endlessly during their education. Entire degrees now exist which are framed around such narratives of white male wickedness. It becomes an all-consuming, self-reinforcing worldview. These are the radicalized young people Soros’ Craigslist ads are targeting.

These special snowflakes of outrage are incubated in the totalitarian atmosphere of America’s colleges and universities. The Marxist culture which prevails in Western universities is very real. Brave defenders of free speech such as Professor Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto are being ostracized and threatened for such thoughtcrimes as using the traditional gender pronouns ‘he’ and ‘she’ when referring to students.

George Orwell, a former Marxist himself, warned us in the novel ‘1984’ that the totalitarian socialists would invert the meaning of words to deceive the public in order to achieve their collectivist goals. We can see that happening today from the left, with such terms as ‘liberal’, ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ taking on opposite meanings in the mouths of leftists. The left has always inverted the truth in order to achieve its objectives, and the staged uprisings we are seeing which the media portrays as spontaneous is a clear example. Through deceptions such as these, most Americans remain unaware of the ideological weapons being deployed against the Republic by those who seek to destroy it.

There is a belief among the left in America today that Christian Western culture was responsible for Nazism. They are wrong. National socialism, like all ideological abominations of the twentieth century, emerged out of Marxist philosophy. If the left wants to find the Nazis in America today, they would do well to look in the mirror.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Yet another interesting and well-written article, Moses A.

    I imagine you were taught how to write essays. I had an ancient English teacher who taught us how to write essays and how to deconstruct and construct texts. It wasn’t always enjoyable, but it was extremely useful. Other English teachers with less discipline had a lot of “drama” classes. Forever grateful for those who teach how to structure arguments and clear thinking 🙂

    • Thanks Karen. Yes, essay-writing were a strong focus in my studies. I read a lot of obscure books when I was a teenager, mainly because they were so cheap at the second-hand bookshops I frequented. My main areas of formal study were in Latin, ancient history and English literature. I preferred the first two, and learned in them how to think and write clearly. The literature major was painful as it was impossible to find subjects that weren’t just PC indoctrination. It’d be worse now. We’ve robbed our young of so much that was handed down to us. Madness.

    • Deplorable Steve B

      You had classes in ‘ancient English’ Ms Dwyer??? : ))

      • Karen Dwyer

        Mrs Dwyer, my friend, Mrs Dwyer!

        One of my teachers, by whom I was taught the subject of “English” for several sequential high school years, was aged and seemingly well beyond the age of retirement at that time. She was formidable.

        For various reasons (including Protestant work ethic, fecundity, strong family ties, long lives, and inter-generational relationships) education has been very important in my family.

        The transition of the spoken word (Old English/Anglo Saxon to modern English and all the borrowings in between) and the written word (particularly with respect to handwritten and printed bibles) has been a topic of conversation for generations. Practicality ensured that most family members in the four generations prior to mine completed their schooling at as early an age as possible. However, after long days in mills, mines, farmyards, and factories, each family member undertook further study through night school or mechanics’ institute or university.

        We’re a remarkable family with esoteric interests. And strong opinions.

        But I digress … it was that exacting female pedagogue, the aforementioned teacher of English who was of indeterminate but advanced age.

        😉 Seeing as you asked.

  • Deplorable Steve B

    Great stuff Moses. I still have some difficulty connecting Nazism to the left though. I can see where the distortion of reality is common to both creeds but economically they are or were completely different systems with Nazism retaining a capitalist economy; the total enemy of Marxist foundation? Even traditional social structures and mores were held up by the Nazis such as traditional family units and I seem to recall that Goebbels’ adultery was not received well by the top brass…

    The totalitarian aspect of the Nazis however is definitely mirrored by contemporary Marxism…