Vengeance Of The Oligarchs

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Everyday men and women around the world have been shocked by the vicious and incoherent riots which have broken out across America in response to Donald Trump’s election victory. The mainstream media portrays these violent mobs as spontaneous demonstrations being generated by hurt and fear. They are nothing of the sort.

The riots across America, as well as the co-ordinated propaganda campaign being waged to inflame them, are being organised by groups such as Like Black Lives Matter and many other networks who whip up violent mobs to achieve political outcomes around the world, these domestic terrorists are funded by billionaire George Soros.

George Soros also happens to have been Hillary Clinton’s chief political contributor during the election she just lost.

This article is a follow-up to a piece I wrote for The Daily Caller last week discussing the left’s reaction to President-Elect Trump’s crushing defeat of serial bridesmaid Hillary Clinton. That article dealt with the muppets and puppets who in reaction took to the streets, airwaves and social media in a hysterical pan-continental hissy fit. Apparently Lena Durham’s womb even ached. One can only marvel at the potency of Donald J. Trump.

This article will deal with the much more ominous, devious and dangerous reaction of the financial puppet masters who fund, direct and own Hillary Clinton.

It is surprising in our time that so many people still believe that Western countries are democracies and that these systems represent the Will of the People. Neither of these claims are true. There are no direct democracies in the modern world; ancient Athens was the closest to a direct democracy that has ever existed, and it ended in a smoky pile of rubble after the unruly mob alienated allies, provoked Sparta and then carried out an inconsistent strategy during the ensuing war. On the evidence of history, it’s clear direct democracies are unstable and aggressively imperialistic. They are also fiscally irresponsible and given to political short-termism. I agree with Plato and Aristotle. It’s a bad system.

What we call democracies in the modern world are actually representative constitutional republics, perhaps with a residual monarchy which provides symbolic continuity or guidance in times of crisis.

Republican systems of government, moreover, have always devolved into fronts for oligarchy. This was true in ancient Rome, imperial Venice, the city-states of medieval Italy and our modern republics today. Running elections requires a lot of money, and ambitious young politicians are groomed by wealthy benefactors to be the retail arm of an operation whose business is power. Do not be fooled by the seeming authority and dignity of the politician. They’re a salesman. The power is always in the hands of the oligarch behind the scenes. They call the tune and the politicians sing along.

This brings us to the true nature of the political showdown and subsequent meltdown we have seen in America over the past few months. For the muppets and puppets of the left, the minion foot-soldiers who have taken to Twitter gasping that they still can’t even, Trump is unacceptable because he is an apostate to the cult of Cultural Marxism. In other words, he acts like a real man. He doesn’t pay lip service to feminists and is a realist about culture and, to a certain extent, about race.

These stooges of the financial elite hate Trump so much because of his disregard for the religious taboos of political correctness. His campaign was the equivalent of a bikini-clad blonde cruising down the main street of Mecca jiggling her milkshake and flipping everyone the bird. It was beautiful to watch.

For a cult whose religious iconography includes the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, Trump wanting to build a wall along the Mexican border is utter blasphemy. When they told him that was unacceptable, he said it just got 10 feet higher. He is the Troll King.

One person who seems to have been particularly triggered is the chief oligarch and owner of Hillary Clinton, George Soros. In what may well be a public declaration of war upon President-Elect Trump, Soros’ personal Twitter account posted the following over the weekend.












Perhaps Soros’ takeover of the US political establishment was the reason for Trump’s presidential campaign all along? Leakers within the FBI and the intelligence agencies certainly helped get Trump over the line.

Although the social media displays of ideological opposition by leftist minions are very real for them, it’s not really why Trump has faced such stiff opposition before and after the election. Trump is a marked man because he is not a retail politician owned by a segment of the oligarchy who really run the show. He’s his own man. To the true shadow elite, this is completely unacceptable.

What makes Trump so hated by the oligarchic elite who use social engineering to direct political processes around the world is that no-one owns him. He is not a stooge for the Koch brothers, Soros, the New York banksters or some shady billionaire Mohammed. He cannot be blackmailed like a usual puppet politician, and he has made it clear that he wants to change the political paradigm by draining the swamp in Washington.

The oligarchs love the swamp. They are the alligators that rule the swamp. What Trump is proposing to do is not just an insult. Should Trump succeed in draining the swamp and laying bare the creatures who have thrived in it for all to see, the oligarchs can expect pitchforks outside their gated compounds the next day.

While many billionaires, banking interests and corporate entities pay to play the game of oligarchic puppet master, none can rival the organisational machinery and ideological zeal of George Soros. And while Hillary has pimped herself out to just about every guy with a private jet, her main John has been and will remain Soros.

There is a mountain of evidence linking Clinton and Soros, including the information contained in the Podesta emails. Soros was Clinton’s chief donor, giving $25 million to Clinton’s campaign for president. Chelsea and Marc Mezvinsky were even married in Soros’ mansion. It’s a close bond.

What is becoming clear due to brave investigative work by journalists such as Wayne Madsen and leaked documents being analysed by the centipedes on reddit and 4chan is that Soros does far more than just donate money. It has been known for years now that Soros runs his own tax-exempt organisations that he uses to destabilise nations, foment revolutions and install politicians he owns. The scale and magnitude of Soros’ operations, however, are only recently becoming clear.

When it comes to political power, Soros has become chief among the oligarchs. He is most certainly one of the primary global puppet masters, and his ideological agenda has impacted upon every country on the planet.

Soros is the spider at the centre of a vast web of non-profit organisations, lobby groups, compromised Deep State operatives, rent-a-crowd protester organisations and leftist think tanks. Soros even bankrolled the McCain-Feingold Act 2002, which the media reported as being interested in eliminating corporate money from politics but was actually clearing the way for Soros’ ‘grassroots’ 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organisations to fill the funding vacuum left behind. This greatly increased Soros’ political power, and parts of the legislation were later overturned by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional in 2010.

Perhaps that was the day some ‘wetwork’ was set in stone for Justice Antony Scalia? Time may tell.

What makes Soros so scandalous and his exposure to the public so important, however, is the revelation that Soros is a hardcore leftist. He’s a fanatical Cultural Marxist. He’s a globalist whose central vision is the destruction of the Western nation-state. He has written repeatedly that the existence of the United States is the greatest impediment to human freedom on the planet, and only funds politicians who will advance socialism and globalism in the West. He has also been agitating for war with Russia for years.

In short, the man is a Sith Lord incarnate.

Tellingly, Soros is infamous for assisting the Nazis to round up other Jews in Hungary during the occupation as a teenager. He even informed on his own father, and assisted his mother to commit suicide in response. He first became wealthy through the property and funds he accumulated from these other Jews, and has never expressed remorse about what he did. After the war, he studied at the socialist hot-bed London School of Economics and later moved to the United States.

I have written before about my theory that Cultural Marxism is an inverted form of Nazism. It is my contention that the self-hating anti-Western New Left ideology of the ’68 generation which has taken over the West in the last fifty years, and which is particularly advocated by Jewish intellectuals in academia and the media, is actually national socialism inverted to be anti-white instead of pro-white. Where the Nazis celebrated whiteness and glorified European culture and accomplishments, Cultural Marxists denigrate whiteness and seek always to degrade European culture and erase the memory of European accomplishments.

If that sounds shocking to you, it shouldn’t. The Hegelian dialectic upon which Marx developed his theory of ‘scientific’ socialism predicts that this is the model for how ideologies develop: thesis – antithesis – synthesis. Cultural Marxism is the antithesis of Nazism. Will the synthesis be the globalist dystopia the elite are craving?

Soros is a fanatical Cultural Marxist. He is an ideological zealot who has devoted his life to gaining the wealth necessary to completely destroy Western civilisation. If we wish to understand the nexus between the oligarchic puppet-masters and the zombie SJW muppets who are burning down their neighbourhoods because Trump might take away their food stamps, then Soros is the key to that relationship.

The establishment media and their leftist drones talk about rioters and protestors in sanctimonious, self-righteous terms as though lazy ferals screaming for free abortions in primary schools are Gandhi or Martin Luther King. It’s utterly dishonest. The heritage of using street violence by leftist agitators instead goes back to the national socialists in 30’s Germany, the Bolsheviks in revolutionary Russia, the violent Paris Commune and the murderous Jacobins of the French Revolution. Rioting is not free speech, it is terrorism; and if the ancien regime in France had possessed modern anti-rioting methods, France may have been saved The Terror and Europe may have avoided the horrors of Napoleon’s conquests. The way the media lionises these thugs is treachery.

Of course, Gandhi was a paedophile anyway and MLK was a sleazy womaniser, but that’s another story…

This article appeared originally on XYZ.

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