The Storm Is Just Starting

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Can you see the drops of rain on the windscreen? First Brexit, plop. Then European bank shares tumble, plop. Then the engineered war begins between black Americans and cops, plop. The downpour is beginning.

For those who have bothered to look up from the propaganda on their smartphones, this storm has been apparent for a long time. I’ve been watching the clouds ever so slowly gather since 2008. Like many people, it’s taken longer than I thought it would. That just means, though, that the storm will be even bigger than anyone had anticipated.

With Brexit, the coming catastrophe has started to enter the mainstream #normie narrative. Of course the way it’s framed is entirely dishonest and manipulative, but that’s to be expected. Propaganda doesn’t work through a disinterested transmission of evidence and reason. It’s created to serve the interests of those with power. Elements of this storm have been created by the powerful in order to advance their collectivist agenda and centralise global control. I don’t think they’ll be successful, however. Like a child riding a tiger, they think they’re mighty. Until they fall off. The forces that are coalescing around the Western imperium are so vast and calamitous that it’s just a matter of time before our kleptocratic elite falls off the tiger they think they’re riding and get their guts eaten. I look forward to watching it.

The storm that’s hitting us right now will take years, perhaps decades, to pass over, and when it is finished everything about the world will be changed. This storm isn’t just the end of the world economic order, it isn’t just the end of modernity and it isn’t just the end of the Anglo-American empire: it may well be the end of civilisation in many parts of the world. Alternately, it could be the rebirth of civilisation in different and more stable forms at a lower level of organisation. How quickly the elites can be toppled will be crucial for whether civilisation recovers at all. The global elite knows this is coming, and they have been preparing for a long time. The longer they stay in their positions, the more brutal and complete the destruction will be. Those cowards and their thugs have got to go.

The rot at the root of the system is socialism. Centrally-planned redistribution has been now carried out to such an outrageous extreme globally that it has created vast distortions and imbalances. In short, everything is a bubble. There is a bubble in money, in houses, in agriculture, in government, in debt and in people. There is a bubble in arrogance, in hatred, in oppression and in sloth. All of these bubbles are interconnected into one megabubble, the implosion of which is the storm we are starting to feel. Due to the vastness of this megabubble it is impossible for those still plugged into the propaganda to perceive its interconnectedness. Most people now can see at least the outline of perhaps one of these bubbles, but they won’t perceive the magnitude and inter-relatedness of the catastrophe until it is overwhelming them. Such is the life of a #normie.

This maelstrom of consequences that is about to engulf the world will affect all facets of society. I believe the roots of the issue are ultimately spiritual – we’ve believed for three centuries now that government can deliver utopia, and have depended on it instead of God. Any system that seeks to stand in the place of God is not long for this world, and now that time is up. Maybe you’re not a Christian, though, and so would prefer a more empirically falsifiable and proximate cause for the collapse. I think debt unsustainability and the resultant economic collapse it will bring is probably the best way to frame what’s coming. After going through what I believe is coming, I’ll tell you broadly what I’m doing to make my family as resilient as possible to thrive through the storm.

Global GDP is about 74 trillion US dollars. It’s a rich planet, and there should be more than enough to go around if the invisible hand of resource allocation was allowed to operate freely. It hasn’t been, however, for a very long time. Global debt is around 61 trillion US dollars. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Cut back on going out so much and we should be able to get that under control. Unfortunately though, this is only government debt. That’s what governments around the world borrow from bankster bondholders to buy arms, bribe gibsmedats and pay back the interest from previous bombing and bribing. It’ll never be repaid, and is the most dangerous debt on the planet. It’s only a fraction, however, of the real debt burden facing civilisations around the planet, especially the ‘developed world’. Private debt levels around the world are far higher, maintained only by the Zero Interest Rate Policies and now even Negative Interest Rate Policies of central banks around the world. These central banks are co-ordinated in their debt pumping efforts by the Bank of International Settlements in Babel Basel, Switzerland. Add on top of this the complex financial instruments loosely termed ‘derivatives’, basically bets on bets on bets by banksters, and global debt is well over a quadrillion dollars.

What’s a quadrillion? This’ll help. One million seconds is about 11 days. One billion seconds is 30 years. One trillion seconds is 30 000 years. One quadrillion seconds is 30 000 000 years. That’s how screwed we are.

The debt itself though won’t finish us off. Zero interest rates and financial wizardry could keep the ponzi limping along, were it not for unfunded liabilities. This is my pick for the catalyst of the first hurricane winds, especially in the United States. Since the Global Financial Crisis (otherwise known as the Greatest Bank Robbery of All Time), zero percent interest rates have kept the zombie banks limping along. Eight years of no interest, however, has wiped out savers, people on fixed incomes and those who were expecting a social security pension upon retirement. These boomers are retiring at ever-greater rates, and there’s no money in the pension funds. Some pension funds in the US have already started to declare insolvency. The boomers will be back in the streets again after a fifty year hiatus, though this time they won’t be protesting Vietnam, they’ll be protesting for their health care benefits. They might just have enough vim and vigour left before they cark it to burn society down on the way out. It would be a fitting end for that generation.

The interwebs is filled with often loony and hyperventilating warnings about the end times. I’m pretty sure the second website ever created, after a porn directory, was an end-times-is-coming site with a black background and bad Flash animations. Those sites are extremely unhelpful. Gold and silver will do well as things unravel, however it won’t be due to the quantity theory of money explanations that the goldbugs spout. If they were right, gold would already be $50 000. Saying that it’s not because of market manipulations is just a copout. If you need somewhere to put your money, precious metals are always a good hedge when people lose faith in government. Don’t hold it too long though, and don’t bet on silver becoming money again any time soon. How many people even know what a silver coin is these days? Food independence is always a good idea, and during times of economic collapse is the best insurance against catastrophe. Even if the economy in your part of the world doesn’t collapse entirely, you’ll still have something of value to take down to the farmer’s markets on the weekend. Most importantly, having a strong and secure network of reliable and likeminded folk you can count on is most important. Ideally, these people should be family, however long-term friends with the same values can be just as handy. To develop these, however, you must first be worthy of them.

If you’re interested in preparing sensibly and perhaps developing your own understandings about what is coming, I suggest checking out the sites below:

  • Peak Prosperity: Chris Martenson has a strong focus on getting off the grid and becoming self-reliant;
  • Of Two Minds: Charles does a good job of helping people understand how to beat a deadbeat economy;
  • Follow The Money: Jerry has a focus on trading and also provides excellent analysis on the real news;
  • Armstrong Economics: I’ll always recommend Marty’s analysis as I think no-one else comes close in their accuracy of understanding what’s really going on in the world and what’s coming up.

These are controversial and important topics. If you’ve got different views or agree with me, I’d love to chat with you about what you think in the comments below.

David Hilton
Teacher, writer, PhD. Published on the Daily Caller, Zero Hedge, Spectator Australia and XYZ. Anti-Marxist campaigner and fanatical truth-teller. Beware the leaven of the Pharisees.