The Race Baiters Are Stealing From Your Children

This first appeared on XYZ.

One thing that the libertarians get right in their theories is that humans respond to incentives. If we consider human societies on a material level as simply massive resource distribution mechanisms, then we can see why the libertarian economists of the Austrian School considered free market price signals as the foundation of human liberty. When the dead hand of government is everywhere in a nation, it becomes impossible to make an honest living. Everything is corrupted.

The ideas of the mainly Jewish Austrian School are also used to support open borders and mass immigration so my admiration for them has limits. It’s a mixed bag.

There are many people in socialist Australia today making a thoroughly dishonest living. They are the ones who parasite off regulations and use our cultural Marxist programming to extort resources from those of us who do real work. They’re the leaners who game the system. We’ve always had them, but prior to socialism they were quickly found out and sank to the bottom of the pile. Nowadays, they live like kings while you toil like serfs. Ironic, no?

Every morning when you wake up, have a shave or put your face on and get ready for another day making an honest living, these people are laughing at you. As far as they’re concerned, you’re a sucker.

This group includes those fat, white kids LARPing as prehistoric natives in those ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies, Workplace Health and Safety officers, motivational speakers and consultants of various kinds who carry out ideological programming sessions about sexual harassment, domestic violence, workplace racism and other media beat-ups.

The money these parasites secure for themselves ultimately comes out of your taxes. Well actually it comes out of public debt which will be paid for by your children’s taxes, if at all.

They’re stealing from your kids. Or at least the ones you could afford to have due to the high taxes you are forced to pay.

These people will be making a lot of gravy over the next two weeks as the neo-Marxists have their annual mid-year bash whitey festival, beginning with Reconciliation Week next week and then NAIDOC Week at the start of July. It’s pretty much our albophobic replacement of Lent. As usual, the socialist propagandists at the ABC and SBS are leading the charge.

It makes me wonder – when exactly will we be ‘reconciled’ with the natives? When white demographic replacement has been achieved and we’re all gone? In that case, it should take another century or two then. At least then we won’t have to hear about it anymore, even if it’s because we don’t exist. Do the light brown grievance merchants think that the various Chinese, Muslim and African enclaves which replace this nation of white supremacists will stand for that shit for even just a second? Food for thought.

Last year the ABC did a puff piece about one of these race baiting ‘consultants’ named Tom Kirk, who makes a dishonest living guilting out us whiteys for bringing civilisation. It was full of the usual tropes that tell us that we don’t exist but Aborigines are special, such as, ‘We’re not aliens from another planet, we’re all one race – the human race’.

No, Tom. The races are biologically distinct. Indeed, recent scientific evidence is emerging showing we’re actually different species. Isn’t diversity fascinating?

I don’t blame Tom for taking advantage of us. If we’re stupid enough to let non-whites push us around for our white privilege, we can’t complain when they do, right?

The propaganda has already ramped up from their ABC, including a portal focusing on ‘Indigenous Milestones’. Because they’re doing so well from all the free resources being thrown at them, aren’t they ABC? That was another thing those Austrian economists proved – that socialism destroys people. It kills off the productive and steals the will to live from the unproductive. It’s good for those at the top with access to power, though. Like journalists.

So brace yourself for the avalanche of toxic anti-white propaganda over the next six weeks, funded thanks to the generosity of your kids.