The Demon-People Are Multiplying

For half a century or so now, there has been no such thing as evil in the West. Absolute moral relativism (yes, pun intended) has been de rigeur amongst our educated class, and hence amongst our ignorant classes also. The closest thing to evil in the postmodern mind has been intolerance towards leftism’s cultural vandalism, although this is usually treated more as a repugnant mental defect rather than evil per se.

The mass delusion that evil does not exist has created the perfect habitat for evil to thrive. This is because delusion is the road to evil. More on this below.

All men (and women and degenerates in-between) worship something. For most of Western history, this worship has been directed toward metaphysical entities such as God or his intermediaries. The occasional ambitious nasty might have joined a secret society and worshipped Satan, but this was atypical. Until the modern era, worship was directed off-planet, or at least outside the physical plane.

During this modern period we’re steadily exiting now, however, humanity has returned to the more ancient practice of worshipping physical objects. Nowadays though we proles don’t beseech our household lares for protection and guidance. Instead, we’ve brought religious devotion back to the source. We worship ourselves.

This began among the intellectual vanguard of the Enlightenment period. They had to be quite secret about it, at first. Now for the majority of r-selected Western proles, however, we are the object of our own faith, adoration, hope and affection. We determine reality and the parameters of morality. We are the repository of our trust. We have deified ourselves.

This has led, as it must, to radical moral and intellectual relativism. We have not only eaten of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil; we’ve burnt it down and built a strip mall. All standards by which truth might be comprehended are seen as arbitrary and personally determined. As this solipsistic mentality has taken hold, it has put reality further and further outside the grasp of the majority of people in the West. To most people you encounter today, there will be some truth which will be distressingly offensive. Express it, and you may well lose your job, be shunned or even unfriended with a mouse click. The avoidance of reality has become a permanent pastime for the majority of First Worlders, and the consequence has been a pandemic of evil.

Narcissistic, Borderline and Anti-Social Personality Disorders begin with a break from reality, usually rooted in trauma. What begins as a coping mechanism for a reality the person feels as too painful (usually a loveless parent), over time becomes a pattern of reality-avoidance which makes them capable of breathtaking cruelty and manipulation in order to maintain the image of their false self. Many of these disordered individuals remain undetected in the relativist soup of modern anticulture, and go on to traumatise others (usually their children), thus perpetuating the cycle. The truth is anathema to mentally disordered individuals, and as the number of these people grows the ability of the dwindling number of non-disordered individuals to speak the truth has become severely impaired. We have now reached a point where the President of the United States advocates for homosexuality, transqueerism and Islamic ideology, and wide swathes of society applaud him. His rhetorical skill at raping reality is beloved by adoring hordes. He fortifies them by example in their own little bubbles of dysfunctional self-deception. This smug queer is a mental illness Enabler-in-Chief for all the demon-people, and they love him for it. 

Evil is growing in the hearts and minds of men as it nears its end, just as Jesus told us it would. It is not spreading in a vacuum, however. It is thriving due to relativist ideologies which make all assertions mere opinion and all moral standards negotiable. Only by uprooting these noxious sophistries and restoring empirical realism as the basis of human thought, will we be able to change the intellectual climate to again enable flowers, rather than weeds, to grow.

  • Karen

    Very interesting. I’m particularly taken by your comment re personality disorders. I’ve only recently become aware of these disorders, and the phrase “breathtaking cruelty” is extremely apt. The icy rage (& transition to and from this in a split second) is breathtaking (not in a good way!!) when first encountered. And the twists and turns of tortured thinking don’t stand up to the light. There is a spiritual sickness there that is based on self-protection and keeping things hidden. Extreme fear of truth being revealed. They have not received the message (or don’t believe it) that they can be loved despite flaws & that this (Godly) love is transforming. That is why the slightest hint of disagreement is punished severely and ruthlessly: no concept of grace or real love, despite deep black hole of thirst for being loved.

    • I got that connection from the work of Michael Trust. He blogs as Anonymous Conservative; although I’m not completely certain about his theories on evolutionary biology I think his connection of narcissism, evil and leftist politics is very revealing. It sounds Karen like you may have recently encountered a narcissist yourself. It can be a very troubling experience. The book People of the Lie by M. Scott Peck helped me understand personality disorders and their relation to morality much better. YouTube also has some great stuff; check out Spartan Life Coach.

      The light within you will drive narcissists mad. I find them particularly hard to love, and I’m not sure I’ve reconciled how to carry out the Lord’s command and still protect myself from damage. They can be really cuckoo.

      Glad you liked the article Karen and I hope to see you pop up in the comments again soon. God bless you and your family, Moses.

  • Steve B

    Mr Moses A., you are continually giving order to my thoughts which flow along the same lines but are not as easy for me to vocalize…

    • Steve I’m really stoked to hear that. I think many of us who see how crazy things are getting can feel isolated at times. I know I have, especially when family, friends and co-workers are still plugged in to the machine and take their views from the news.

      Connecting with like-minded men and women like yourself is encouraging, and I’m glad it’s helpful for you too. There are more and more of us all the time as people wake up to reality. Thanks for your comments.