The Dangerous Death Of American Marxism

This article appeared originally on The Daily Caller.

For a month and a half now, the American left have been carrying on a hysterical tantrum the likes of which has never been seen in this country. Everyday Americans have been shocked and outraged at the blatant sense of political entitlement liberals are displaying. It is clear to everyone that something is changing profoundly in America as a result of President-elect Donald Trump winning the White House.

Never before have Electoral College voters been harassed and bullied like they were in the leadup to their vote on Monday. Never before have mobs been organized nationwide to disrupt traffic and riot in American cities following a presidential election. Never has a particular presidential candidate been so demonized and misrepresented in the liberal press.

Also never before have leading establishment mouthpieces accused a nuclear-armed foreign power of ‘hacking’ a presidential election based on unsubstantiated hearsay. After first ordering a review of the allegations, President Obama is now promising retaliation over the rumored Russian hacking of the US election. The anti-Russian rhetoric from the American left continues to escalate.

Americans are not accustomed to such militant chicanery following a presidential election. Even in the most hard-fought campaigns of the past, both sides of the aisle came together afterwards to support the president-elect. This time, however, the left is refusing to acknowledge the legitimate and overwhelming decision of the American people.

The reason the American left is so outraged at the outcome of the election is not simply because of Donald Trump. This is as much about symbols as it is about personalities. At the same time as the corruption and cronyism of the Clinton-controlled DNC is being revealed by WikiLeaks, the American people are rejecting the left’s obsession with identity politics and empty gestures in favor of a president who is promising to apply real solutions to real problems.

The American people have resoundingly rejected the false gods of American Marxism and it is making the left lose their minds.

Marxist ideology spread in America and other Western countries unnoticed by many everyday citizens until recently. In the East, the Marxist menace took over political and economic systems directly. Tired and dysfunctional dynasties fell before the revolutionary communist onslaught. In the West, Marxism was not so successful. The dynamism of capitalism and the moral fortifications of Christianity prevented this cult of envy and power from taking hold in the same way.

This led the Central European Marxists who came to America during and after the Second World War to adopt a more stealth approach to seizing power. Instead of preaching class warfare and revolution, Marxists in the West preached sexism, racism, homophobia, male privilege and patriarchal oppression. Marxist radicals taught generations of college students that the white man was the worst thing that ever happened to the world. Taking a fifth column approach, Marxists in America used their violent takeover of education in the late 60’s to consolidate their power over time.

Rather than seeking to destroy the economy to bring in their divisive totalitarian agenda, Marxists in America focused instead on destroying the culture. Despite their control of the institutions and support from financial oligarchs, the American left are now confronting the painful fact that their ideological program has been rejected by an overwhelming majority of the country.

Western Marxism is dying. The cult of identity-based grievance is losing its grip on society. The narratives of victimhood centred around race, gender, sexual preference and religious belief which have been preached fanatically and relentlessly to America’s youth for decades have lost their power to silence opposition and control discourse. Devoted believers in this religion of misandry, anti-white racism and anti-Christian bigotry are having not only a crisis of faith, but an existential crisis which is making them unstable and reckless.

The left threw all the rhetorical weapons and ideological propaganda they have at Trump and it not only bounced off him, it made him stronger. American Marxists are so used to getting their way by calling someone ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ or a ‘homophobe’ that when Trump merely shrugged and doubled down, they became even more totalitarian and unhinged. Their mask of respectability slipped and the unstable, fanatical and dishonest nature of the Marxist personality behind it became obvious to middle America. These everyday Americans then jumped on the Trump train.

The true face of totalitarian Marxism in America has now been revealed for all to see. The left cannot pretend again that they support the classical liberal principles of the Republic, respect the Christian faith or share the traditional values of middle America. Their fanatical zeal to engineer society and create a utopia of uniformity and conformity has been displayed too obviously for them to hide it ever again. In political terms, the gloves are now off permanently.

All dogmatic belief systems are eventually discredited by reality. The choice for the true believers when reality proves their dogma incorrect is either to acknowledge that their faith is flawed and adapt or else abandon all pretense of reason and use force to implement their agenda. Given what we have seen from the American left since the election of President-elect Trump, it seems many of them are choosing the second option. This is a dangerous path not only for them and for the nation, but indeed for the entire world.

  • Rey Moreno

    So beautifully said and scary Truth.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Moses A., seamless!

    Not seamless, but some brief points of interest for you:

    This is by no means the first attack on Christians who speak out (MSM & social media concertedly attack the ACL; Labor & Green politicians are behind “18c” – the stifling of free speech by making it an offence for people to feel offended; also behind trying to make it illegal for Christian schools to “discriminate” by requiring that staff be Christian and support Christian ethos, excepting only a chaplain or minister but including teaching and principal staff; introducing mandatory gender-identity based education programmes in state schools despite parental and Federal government rejection of these heavily sexualised programmes; organised threats against and vandalism of premises belonging to Christian politicians, doctors, and writers; infiltration of church organisations and publications by secular humanists).

    Additionally, the Victorian Labor government, mastermind of social engineering on a grand scale is now targeting home schooling in the state – it remains to be seen how successful they will be in light of the complete belly-up position of state schools and limited response by private schools. The Victorian government has already publicly stated that it will not be dissuaded by parental opposition in state schools.

    And going full circle back to your article and the mentality of the left in America a.k.a. why U.S. liberals are now buying guns too:

    I find it interesting that some liberals expect “the end of the world” because of financial collapse due to Trump (rather than the wealthy “players” determined to benefit from market freefalls). Also that, with no God in their lives, they cannot make the link between Armageddon and that day of justice.

    Aren’t you glad I chose to be brief? :-)))))))))

  • Karactacus

    These are the same voters who lost. Thus, these are the same Democratic inner city plantation slaves the party has cultivated since it lost their own house slaves. They have been oppressed, repressed, suppressed, and divested of any hope by reason of the leftist orchestrated devolution of their education, and the development of the vehicles of dependency to which Lyndon Johnson was referring when he said “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” As Voltaire observed in the mid 18th century, “the greatest misfortune is not inequality; it is dependence.”

  • Deplorable Steve B

    The abject contempt the left holds for people who don’t subscribe to their unicorns of fantasy is beyond belief. The word ‘respect’ is something I refuse to adhere to as its meaning has changed to suit leftist agenda over the last 20 or more years. Hence when Lord Waffles talks about mutual respect (for concepts that deserve no such thing) he and his ilk actually mean that we as conservatives must put aside our own values and beliefs. Thus my language and attitude has become much cruder of late, when the subject of these arsehole Marxists arises…