The Critical Problem with Education

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Why has Progressivism kept winning for the past century? There’s one key reason: their control of education.

Education has always attracted the world-improvers. They learned well from the metaphysical faith traditions. It’s no accident that Catholic schools pepper the planet and the Saudi funding of rock-back-and-forward-dreaming-of-virgins madrassas has created the foundation for an emerging pan-continental Islamic empire. The socialists learned from that example. If you’re indoctrinating your opponents’ children, then it doesn’t matter that they’re right and your beliefs are nuts. Let him fight his ‘culture war’. You’ll win.
Progressivism (I’m using this as an umbrella term for all iterations of leftism – Whiggism, communism, Fabian socialism, social democracy, fascism, national socialism, Cultural Marxism – same virus different update) has literally been renewed with fresh blood as each generation comes of age. 1970’s feminists like Germaine Greer are horrified at transgenderism because it’s heresy in their version of the faith. Too bad for them, the virus has mutated and they are now the dinosaurs. It’s sweet justice in a way, however I’m sure Cambridge has remunerated that tenured radical well and she’ll graze comfortably before she dies spitting curses at reality.

It’s tedious to talk about ‘defeating the left’ (cucks for dinner, anyone?) but it’s certain they’ll continue to advance while we have compulsory state education, centralised teacher accreditation and centrally-planned curricula. I’m certain on this as my PhD is in high school curricula and I’ve been a teacher for ten years (hence the anonymity – I’m in deep cover).

While waiting for Leviathan to die and this modern age of ideologies to come to an end, though, we need to get on with living and raising good little antimodernists. To do this, we must understand how education is designed to creep in under your child’s mental defences and begin the process of indoctrination.

One of the common tactics that educators use to deceive the community about their agenda is the use of the phrase ‘critical thinking’. It’s a phrase that is often used as key to a good education. The secret to its effectiveness in deceiving the wider community is the difference between its common usage meaning and how academics use the term. If you did a pop vox and asked the average serf what ‘critical thinking’ is, they’d respond that it means to question, to doubt authority, to evaluate information. All things a good little democrat should be able to do. They’re wrong. In the academy (and therefore in schools, whose mullahs were indoctrinated in the academy, critical thinking is the application of the techniques of deconstruction to find evidence supporting a Cultural Marxist viewpoint. Your child is studying Romeo & Juliet in English? The kids who get A’s will be the ones who best elaborate how Juliet is a victim of the structural violence between the Montagues and Capulets perpetrated by patriarchy. Your child is studying Gandhi in senior history? If they mention he was a nigger-hating (his terminology) pedophile who ate his own faeces, they won’t be graduating summa cum laude. That’s the type of critical thinking that is not cool.

Outside of home schooling your child (this is the best option, but their work will still be assessed by a Cultural Marxist imam prior to graduation) the strategy I would recommend is for junior to parrot back the dogma, get the marks and beat the system. There’ll be plenty of time for criticism after graduation.

David Hilton
Teacher, writer, PhD. Published on the Daily Caller, Zero Hedge, Spectator Australia and XYZ. Anti-Marxist campaigner and fanatical truth-teller. Beware the leaven of the Pharisees.