Middle Class Homelessness

This piece appeared originally on XYZ. It is a difficult thing for a man to face himself one day in the mirror and realise that, regardless of the delusions and aspirations he has held in his breast until time revealed them as false, he is a failure. This, of course, can be a liberating moment; [...]… Read the rest

The Storm Is Just Starting

Can you see the drops of rain on the windscreen? First Brexit, plop. Then European bank shares tumble, plop. Then the engineered war begins between black Americans and cops, plop. The downpour is beginning. For those who have bothered to look up from the propaganda on their smartphones, this storm has been apparent for a [...]… Read the rest

Banksters are Drinking your Children’s Blood

You are probably aware by now that money is created from nothing by private banks when they make loans. The true power of this alchemical process, however, is not something which is widely understood. How does a man own the world? To answer this, we must first know what the wealth of the world is. [...]… Read the rest

The Bubble of the Ages

We are at the peak of a 5000-year bubble in government. Like all bubbles, this one will burst. When it does, our world will become unrecognisable. How can I say we are at the top of an inter-millenial government bubble? Interest rates. Throughout history, interest rates have never been as low as they are now. [...]… Read the rest

Who is the Oligarchy?

As you are no doubt aware, politics is the puppet show put on for us peasants by the puppeteer oligarchs. But who are the oligarchy exactly? All republican or representative forms of government are actually oligarchies, or very quickly become them. Rome had several rebellions by the proles during its early republican history until they were [...]… Read the rest

The Economy of God and the Economy of Satan

This post follows on from Why I am a Christian. For those of who have never read the Bible, it's not just a story of how Jesus did nice things for people. Actually the topic Jesus talked about most often was the coming judgement for those who are outside him, and his imagery was pretty [...]… Read the rest