Nazism Is An Ideology Of Peace

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Post originally appeared on XYZ.

Isn’t it just outrageous how, every time some alienated, young Nazis burn down a Jewish business or beat a Communist to death in the street, all Nazis are somehow blamed for the attacks? No matter how often the enlightened and progressive moderates among us explain to people that these angry lone-wolf Nazis suffer from discrimination and confusion, the ignorant masses in our community point the finger at all Nazis. It shows you just how far our country still has to go when it comes to accepting and understanding people from different ideological backgrounds.

Every time some rabbi is decapitated on YouTube by those SS troops, who aren’t even really Nazis, then every Nazi has to come out and apologise for it. It’s just so unfair! The history of Western liberalism is filled with atrocities and violence. The British were the first to use concentration camps against the Boers over a century ago. It’s a bit rich for us now to complain about some Nazis, who of course aren’t real Nazis, applying the same tactics.

After each attack too, we can expect the usual voices of intolerance from some quarters of the media who point out how these confused extremist Nazis are just carrying out what Mein Kampf told them to do. Such ignorance! Nazi texts are full of love for the German worker and his struggles against international capitalism. All Nazis have ever wanted is a bit of lebensraum – living room for their people. Why should the 99.9% of Nazis have to disavow their political system or acknowledge that elements of it don’t fit a narrow Western view of what is an acceptable ideology? If it wasn’t for the wickedness of Western colonialism, Nazis wouldn’t be so provoked and aggressive. It has been our meddling in their affairs which has led to the rise of dictators and the failure of democracy in the Nazi region. We supported dictators like that evil Joseph Stalin who even tried to invade poor Finland. We’re to blame.

99.9% of Nazis aren’t part of the SS and don’t support concentration camps. They may send money home to the Reich from their meeting halls in Lakemba, but that’s just to support charity work. They’re very charitable and peaceful people. They’ve made a significant contribution to Australian culture, with their unique dress and outstanding architectural aesthetic. We need to be reaching out to this 99.9% – not forcing them to disavow Nazism every time the SS throws another homosexual off a roof, blows up a synagogue or burns down a Communist newspaper office. Those journalists were just causing trouble anyway by making fun of The Fuhrer’s (glory be upon him) moustache and mentioning his unfortunate relationship with his underage niece. It’s culturally insensitive and needlessly provocative to offend The Fuhrer. We should be building bridges, not tearing them down with pesky and ignorant facts.

Local communities should applaud whenever Nazis want to build a discrete meeting hall and stadium in their suburb. Instead they demonstrate how bigoted our country still is by preventing these fine members of the community from practicing their ideology. It’s just so sad. No matter how many exhibitions the Museum of Immigration puts on in central Melbourne extolling the virtues of Nazism, those urban fringe ruffians still don’t like seeing Prussian military uniforms marching through their shopping centres toward Centrelink with a brood of little Aryan children trailing along behind. Is this the bigotry that our forefathers died to defend in two world wars?

It’s been very encouraging to see the steps forward that Nazis have made into mainstream Australian culture. Media figures such as Wilhelm Aly have done great work showing everyday Australians that we have nothing to fear from Nazism. The way that we can overcome the hatred that those fringe SS Nazists demonstrate is to show that we don’t think they speak for Nazism at all. We need to overcome hate with love. By demonstrating understanding and compassion toward the Nazis in our society, we’ll win over those who might be toying with joining organisations such as the SS and we’ll show that multiculturalism was right all along. Appeasement is crucial. If we don’t work harder to get along with Nazis, then their attitudes toward Western liberalism are only going to get worse. And who knows where that could lead?