Let’s Uncuck This Country

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This post originally appeared on XYZ.

Dear young, earnest conservative,

I am addressing you because my message may require a significant change of worldview, which the old struggle with, and because if you are not earnest in your conservatism then you are the very problem I am writing this about.

Let me ask you a question, which I hope you will take in good faith. What exactly are you ‘conserving’? Are you seeking to arrest the century-long slide into socialist dystopia at its current stage now, in 2016? That would mean that you’re fighting to preserve real tax rates above 50%, socialised education and healthcare, universal benefits for the indolent and social engineering that affects all aspects of life in this country. That would make you a leftist. If you’re trying to turn back the clock, how far are you wanting to go? Is your goal to go back to an Australia pre-Whitlam? Pre-Chifley? Fisher? Are you still ok with Federation? Are you going to go all the way and push for the abolition of these pesky parliaments with their inevitable leftward drift?

Of course I’m being facetious, but it’s a real problem. Your leftist enemies may be insane, irrational and less intelligent than you on average, but they know what they want. They want to destroy everything that represents independence, human excellence, hierarchy and order. They want to tear down the edifice of Western civilisation everywhere they find it, so that no monument remains anywhere of the glories of Western achievement. They want to obliterate everything that reminds them of their inferiority to you. They want to destroy the nature of man, and replace it with the socialist New Man of the future who is absolutely equal, absolutely dependent on the State, absolutely the same as everyone else and absolutely degenerate. They won’t stop. They also know their enemy. You. But do you know what you stand for?

I’m going to take a shot at defining what unites the disparate and emerging New Right of the Occident. We stand for reality. Around that banner, we can unite. Whether you’re an anarcho-capitalist who wants to conceal carry your AK-47 while wearing your underpants on the outside, a nihilist s***lord who creates memes about Israel on 4chan, a gay Catholic cultural libertarian (like Milo) or a Bible-believing Christian who wants this extractive and corrupting world system of debt-bondage to burn to the ground (like me), we can unite around standing for truth against lies, reality against false perception, honesty against propaganda and evidence against falsehood.

For too long now, the right has been cucked. We’ve let the enemy define the terrain of the battleground, and constantly conceded to them the moral high ground. These are the people who advocate for abortion, which kills 44 million babies around the world every year. These are the people who support government programs which ruin the poor, devastate entire cities, create hostile ghettos in our cities and keep remote indigenous Australians in abject misery. If you take nothing else from this article, take this: your enemies are lying cowards who hate and want to destroy whatever is good in the world. Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt and stop fighting them on their terms.

Rightists need to stop expending our energies fighting elections. Who cares if the people who nominally represent our interests control the parliament? One hundred thousand leftist teachers, academics, media pundits and bureaucrats will wake up Monday morning and get back to the task of destroying Western civilisation. Leftists own the ruling class – the unelected, unaccountable and invisible machinery that runs the government system. They grind the gears that crush the people with debt slavery, tax oppression and relentless propaganda. Do you think that the team who purports to stand for us (who are increasingly undercover leftists anyway) winning an election will win back the country? I thought it is the left that is deluded, not us. If you wish to make a substantive change to the country, to make it somewhere you would be happy for your grandchildren to live, you need to stop thinking that another ‘conservative’ PM will fix things. You need to get serious, and realise you have been on the losing side of a war for your very existence for a very long time.

To defeat them, you need to understand your enemy. Study him/her/it. Read their texts and research them online. You will see that leftists are religious fanatics. These are people who do not think the way you do. They reason emotionally, when at all, and use bluster and ad hominem attacks when challenged in debate. Stop being so reasonable. So accommodating. Stop playing by the rules. This only emboldens them. Think of leftists as a plague of rabbits – mindless creatures who overbreed whenever resources are plentiful. Stop building fences and thinking they’ll be contained. They won’t. It’s time for right-thinking men and women to come up with some cultural myxomatosis to wipe these vermin out so we can restore what is left of Western civilisation.

Use shame. Expose the moral repulsiveness of the leftist. Religious fanatics are motivated by the belief that they hold the moral high ground. Deny them this. Don’t try and play by their rules in debate. Go straight for the jugular. If you are debating with a feminist, for example, expose that they support infanticide. Keep using the word – it’ll trigger an emotional response that will effectively shut down their ability to argue back. “44 million dead babies every year around the world that you celebrate, more than half of them girls. And you call yourself a feminist? You cheer for dead girl babies.” That sort of thing. Scorn them. You may not win over the leftist, but the spectators of your combat will instinctively shun the person you have exposed and come over to your point of view. If you watch the first wave of Cultural Marxists who burst into the mainstream during the Cultural Revolution of the late 60’s and early 70’s, they behaved this way. Watch Germaine Greer debating back then. No matter how empty her arguments, the force of her moral conviction swayed any spectators, thus strengthening leftism overall. We need to apply those same tactics today. Maybe abortion is not what gets your goat about leftist hypocrisy. That doesn’t matter; you can apply the same method to any leftist cause. They’ll all immoral.

The West is being assailed from within and without by fanatics, and it is increasingly clear that the barbarians outside the gates are being aided by the leftist traitors within. The men and women who would defend the West, and there are still many of us, use the weapons that would work on us – reason and evidence. We use defensive strategies, rather than going on the offensive. We keep trying to show leftists that they’re wrong using facts and data. Stop it. They don’t care. They’re immune to reality – think of them as intellectual zombies. They are stuck on the level of emotion because they’ve been convinced by prior ideological programming that their cause is righteous, and so now carrying out the cause as part of a mob gives them a dopamine high. They’re addicted to it, and the only way to change them is to cut off that dopamine by pointing out how immoral and evil they are. Some of them can be won over, but only if they’re out-grouped and shamed for long enough that they are forced to start actually thinking. You have to hurt them at the emotional level to cut through the programming, and that will only work if you can isolate them from their zombie tribe for long enough. Take away the illusion of morality from them and you remove the attractiveness of leftism for them.

If you find this hard to believe, watch a leftist protest such as Black Lives Matter. See the expressions on their faces. They are same expressions you’ll see on Palestinian faces, Iranian faces, early 20th century Russian faces – it’s the face of someone who has completely lost himself in a mob of religious fanatics. The zombies are getting more aggressive, and soon they’ll be doing more than just shutting down traffic. If we let them keep winning, the West will be lost forever. Let’s uncuck ourselves to make sure that doesn’t happen.

David Hilton
Teacher, writer, PhD. Published on the Daily Caller, Zero Hedge, Spectator Australia and XYZ. Anti-Marxist campaigner and fanatical truth-teller. Beware the leaven of the Pharisees.