It’s Getting Harder To Ignore Pizzagate

For several months now, thousands of citizen journalists have been conducting an amateur online investigation into a very dark and disturbing topic. Beginning on the link-sharing site Reddit, thousands of volunteers have been investigating occult rituals and possible evidence of an organized pedophile ring at the highest levels of America’s political establishment.

The growing pile of circumstantial evidence being unearthed by these citizen journalists reveals disturbing patterns, morbid themes and revolting imagery which are yet to be explained by the high-level people involved.

What has come to be known as Pizzagate began with the public release of Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails by WikiLeaks during the presidential campaign. Thousands of so-called ‘centipedes’ began self-organizing on Reddit to sift through and analyze the emails with the intention of finding useful information for the Trump campaign.

The focus of the amateur investigation shifted, however, when an email chain was discovered between John Podesta, his brother lobbyist Tony Podesta and controversial performance artist and celebrity insider Marina Abramovic. The emails made reference to an occult ritual known as ‘spirit cooking’.

Marina Abramovic and Lady Gaga doing nothing unusual © Getty Images

Spirit cooking is a stomach-turning cabalistic ritual which involves the use of body fluids, pentagrams, mock dismembered body parts and the cutting of skin by the practitioner. According to Abramovic, if such practices are done publicly then they are to be considered art. If done in private, they are rituals.

Of particular interest to the army of citizen investigators probing through the Podesta email leaks was the obvious familiarity which the Podesta brothers have with Abramovic and with spirit cooking. No explanation of the ritual was required.

Scrutiny of the leaked Podesta emails intensified dramatically though when a series of email exchanges was uncovered which did not make sense unless they were using a series of code words. These code words were focused around food terms, and included words such as ‘pizza’, ‘cheese’, ‘pasta’ and ‘(hot)dogs’.

What makes these code words potentially explosive, and perhaps the greatest scandal of the century if those investigating Pizzagate are correct, is the possibility that these are code words used by pedophiles on the dark web. Although widely believed, this explanation remains unsubstantiated. We do know, however, that these words are code for something.

Also disturbing was an email sent by Tamera Luzzatto to John Podesta and 15 others inviting them to a pool party that she did not appear to be attending and at which her three daughters aged eleven, nine and seven would be the ‘entertainment’. She also assures her invitees that her daughters will be ‘in that pool for sure’.

Who invites 16 adults to a pool party which they won’t be attending and provides their underage daughters as entertainment in the pool? For any reasonable person, that’s a very odd message to send.

Curiosity grew even further upon the discovery of an interview by Politico with John Podesta from 2015 in which a painting depicting cannibalism can be seen hanging in his Brooklyn office.

This unusual choice for professional artwork extends to the private art collections of the Podesta brothers. Tony Podesta’s favorite piece at his home in Falls Church is his ‘Arch of Hysteria’; a large hanging replica which the Reddit investigators have pointed out bears a striking resemblance to one of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer’s decapitated victims.

Tony Podesta and his Arch of Hysteria. © Washington Life Magazine 2015.

In the Washington Life Magazine feature which Tony Podesta did in 2015, art by Biljana Djurdjevic can be seen on the walls. Djurdjevic’s work is known for including disturbing images of child torture.

Interest in degenerate art and occult rituals is not the key focus of the Pizzagate citizen investigation however. Instead what has made Pizzagate such a keen focus of interest for so many has been the unearthing of very disturbing references to children.

The Reddit investigators sifting through the Podesta email leaks noticed that the Washington Life interview which Tony Podesta did in 2015 mentions that Podesta regularly opens his house for pizza parties with his friend James Alefantis, owner of pizza restaurant Comet Ping Pong and fellow friend of many senior Democrat Party figures.

Comet Ping Pong and the businesses around it have since become the primary focus of the citizen investigation. Two doors down from Comet Ping Pong is Besta Pizza, which until very recently had a logo which was identical to a known pedophilia symbol included in a factsheet put out by the FBI in 2007. Across the road is Terasol bistro, whose website until recently also featured symbols eerily similar to known pedophilic symbols distributed to the public by the FBI. All of the businesses on the block are owned by people with connections to the uppermost echelons of the Democratic Party in Washington.

James Alefantis also posted a photo of Marina Abramovic on the Comet Ping Pong Instagram account. Reddit investigators identified several disturbing images from the restaurant’s account, including one of a small girl with her hands taped to a table and another with what appear to be children engaged in a bizarre dehumanization ritual. These are odd for a pizza restaurant which markets itself as family-friendly.

A citizen journalist’s analysis of an image from Comet Ping Pong’s Instagram account.

Comet Ping Pong has also hosted performances by a band known as Heavy Breathing, whose lyrics and artwork contain pedophilic references. The posters advertising these events, designed by Sasha Lord, feature extremely graphic images and references to trauma-based dissociation yet read ‘all ages’. One of Lord’s posters for a concert by Prince Rama and Heavy Breathing at Comet Ping Pong advertised an ‘interactive exorcism’ and ‘pizza exorcism’, again for all ages.

The constant unveiling of new connections and lines of inquiry by the Reddit amateur journalists has led to such intense attention that the New York Times published a piece on November 21 dismissing Pizzagate and its investigators as ‘fake news’. The Times article did not engage directly with any of the evidence put forward by the Pizzagate investigators.

The next day Reddit CEO Steve Huffman closed down the Pizzagate subreddit, citing concerns that the community had become a ‘witch hunt’. This is an interesting choice of words given the references to bizarre occult rituals in Podesta’s emails. The investigation has since moved to other sites.

There is much more to the Pizzagate investigation than has been included here, however due to the revolting and circumstantial nature of the material it has been left out for the moment. Every day more material and more connections are being uncovered by the Pizzagate researchers. If you wish to assist with the investigation yourself or keep up to date with the latest revelations, you can do so at the VOAT website.

At this stage law enforcement is not stating publicly whether they are investigating the evidence uncovered by this citizen investigation, although the NYPD is in possession of Anthony Weiner’s laptop in relation to an underage sex investigation. This laptop is known to contain emails sent from Hillary Clinton’s private email server which she previously withheld from a Congressional investigation.

The Pizzagate investigators are not the first to raise these questions. Andrew Breitbart made similar allegations against John Podesta shortly before his death in 2012.

Pedophile rings and elite pedophilia exist. In Canada in 2013 a pedophile ring involving nearly 400 children and 348 adults was revealed to the public by the Toronto police. In Norway recently a child abuse ring was discovered which involved 51 suspects and the abuse of infants.

Although Pizzagate is focused on possible crimes committed in the United States and possible child trafficking in Haiti, there may be cause for concern here in Australia. The person whose email started the interest in Pizzagate, Marina Abramovic, did a two-week residency in Sydney in 2015.

The implications of all this fragmentary evidence put together by volunteers are very difficult for most of us to accept. This is not the first time, however, that abuse of children in elite circles around the world has been alleged. If there is any validity to the growing evidence base of Pizzagate, we owe it to the weakest and most vulnerable among us to face whatever truths it may reveal stoically and fearlessly.

This article appeared originally on XYZ.

  • Godot

    Yeah it’s obvious this is real. The media calling it “fake news” only reinforces it. No one with a brain takes MSM seriously anymore. the fact that it’s on WikiLeaks is more credible than anything CNN can dish out anymore.

    • The election really exposed that the MSM is the mouthpiece of the establishment. That so many people still refuse to acknowledge that reality though baffles me. Why do they keep worshiping that which enslaves them to debt, corrupts their children and treats them with contempt? Crazy.

    • Researching this has changed my view of the world forever. I kept wanting it to not be true, but the evidence is overwhelming. The response by the establishment reeks of a coverup. It’s just too sad. These people need to be investigated, tried and hanged.

      • Lionel Chan

        Sargon of Akkad released a really good video today, that I think is a very strong foundation from which to take this stuff forwards:

        The basics:
        1) All this “overwhelming evidence” you speak of is circumstantial. It cannot be the basis of any certainty in any legally enforceable sense, in the Western understanding of justice.
        2) Paedaphilia rings, that are enacted by and covered up by the powerful are undeniably real and are fucking horrible. The MSM attitude of ignoring the circumstantial evidence and leaping to the conclusion “there’s nothing to see here” is at best unintentionally enabling, and at worse much more sinister.

        The circumstantial evidence is enough to say a thorough investigation is called for. A thorough investigation (or at least questioning of their ability to be impartial) of those that deny this is also called for.

        • I watched the video and it was good, although I find Sargon a bit bombastic to watch for too long. His distinction is correct I think, and it’s one that the Pizzagate investigators themselves make. That’s why I worded the piece very carefully.

          At this stage, the people looking into this just want an investigation. To achieve this requires public attention. Sargon and other big YouTubers doing videos on it is awesome; he has a large and high-info audience which will help raise awareness enormously.

        • It’s great that Sargon of Akkad did a video. He’s got a loyal and high-info following. As usual, I found him too bombastic to watch for long. That’s just me, though.

          He’s right in what he said, but the serious investigators on VOAT (& Reddit before) are not making wild claims. They’re saying there should be an investigation, which Sargon agrees with. As usual, I’m impressed with how he was able to get his head around it in such a short span of time. Clever bugger.

  • N “Knows” Davis

    This is the best synopsis I have read and I have seen this evidence, so it is all true. Evidence does not mean guilt, but it does mean that this needs to be seriously investigated.

  • Alt-Right Records

    Yes, pizza gate is real, but please correct the section on the spirit cooking madness. It is not “cabalistic” (usually spelled “kabbalistic”).
    Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish mysticism study which is focused on getting closer to G-d, and does not involve sick rituals like this crap. Kabbalah involves mostly reading & translating ancient studies of the Hebrew Bible. It’s forbidden for Jews to consume blood of any kind, but especially human blood is a grave sin in Judaism. Kabbalah , and NOT the phoney cult Madonna joined, is studied by serious religious Jews who would NEVER be involved in anything where a woman is nude in front of a crowd. Spirit cooking is syncretic Occultism done by perverts. Also left this on the XYZ article.

    • There is a left-hand path and a right-hand path to the Sephiroth. You seem to be familiar with Kabbalah personally? I have read enough evidence which I deem reliable to believe that the left-hand path involves some pretty dark ritualistic stuff. Crowley’s Thelema religion as well as Blavatsky’s theosophy relied heavily upon Kabbalah, and both involve ritual sacrifice, pederasty and other abominations.

      Some people also believe these practices are an esoteric part of the Talmudic tradition, but I haven’t read enough on it yet to form a clear view. I’m happy to entertain evidence to the contrary.

    • I would have agreed with you a few months ago, but the more I’ve looked into the left-hand practices of the Kabbalah and the Babylonian Talmud the more I disagree with your view. I do believe that there is a dark, occult tradition within Judaism and that it involves what I would consider Satanic rituals. I don’t want to argue the point with you or be dogmatic about it; as a Christian it’s been challenging to have to face what I believe is a confronting truth about Jewish occultism.

      • Alt-Right Records

        I’m sorry but I’m not sure what sources you’re looking into to study this, because that’s incorrect. There is no left-hand path in Judaism. Kabbalah has no rituals.
        Anyone pretending it does is a charlatan trying to sell something, usually some meaningless charm or book or bracelet marketed as a “mystical item” to uneducated laymen.
        Kabbalah is a study of how to please G-d by properly fulfilling the spiritual as well as physical commandments. (Example: “thou shalt not murder” means more than just physically killing a person, we’re not meant to destroy any person’s spiritual growth, a form of killing.) Kabbalah only involves study, discussion, and exegesis, that is interpreting meaning from the original texts (not translations) of Biblical verses.
        The fact that I teach Kabbalah as well as Hebrew & Aramaic reading may not be a reliable source for you, but I can tell you with 100% certainty anyone who can’t read & understand Biblical Hebrew & Aramaic languages isn’t studying Kabbalah, or Talmud (also written in Aramaic), or they’re not understanding it at least.
        Whatever some California liberals or European occultists CALL or THINK is Kabbalah is really mumbo-jumbo that the “leader” of whatever group usually made up themselves because they couldn’t decipher biblical texts in the original languages.

        • Alt-Right Records

          Furthermore, I should also point out that no one “follows” the Talmud, as it isn’t a rule book, but rather a log recording discussions and arguments by early diasporic rabbis on their personal interpretations of the practical applications of Biblical commandments. “One rabbi said this, another disagreed and said that” is the basic format of a Talmud tractate, often with side notes from yet another rabbi on what he thought of the argument between the others.

          • Maryanne

            A-RR, You sound confident and knowledgeable so may I ask are the disgusting quotes attributed to the Talmud – such as Jesus being the son of a whore and boilng in excrement – false?

          • Alt-Right Records

            Firstly, I’ll reiterate that there’s no “true” or “false” in a book that records arguments & opinions of individuals. Secondly, it’s debatable if Jesus is even actually referred to in Talmud at all, but to those who believe it’s him who is being referred to , In the opinion of most scholars, the Talmud only refers to Jesus in a handful of places, and though these references may not reflect the courteous ecumenicism of the modern world, neither are they particularly inflammatory. But the Talmud bears much harsher animus towards the biblical figure of Balaam, the pagan magician (the one riding the donkey who saw the Angel) who sought to curse the Jews as they traveled through the desert after the Exodus from Egypt. Rabbinic tradition ascribes other crimes to Balaam as well, and in various places describes some of the punishments he may have suffered after his death.
            In the nineteenth century, when the field of secular academic Jewish studies was in its infancy, a small group of scholars suggested that in some cases the term Balaam in the Talmud may be a codeword for Jesus, which most scholars today believe that it is not. Though later scholars showed that this suggestion could not be true (for reasons pertaining to the context of the Balaam references and the lack of manuscript variants substituting Jesus for Balaam), anti-Semites have ever since claimed that the true hatred that Judaism possesses for Christianity is expressed in these coded expressions against Balaam found in the Talmud.

  • Cicero

    There’s nothing in these photographs that suggest pedophilia.