Globalism = Socialism = Satanism

Since the French Revolution financial oligarchs and their establishment representatives have been pushing to centralize global control under one authority. Each war, revolution and depression has been used in order to bring them closer to achieving their goal. This is more than just a quest for absolute power by a greedy internationalist elite. It is a religious project which desires the complete enslavement and moral corruption of mankind.

After each major conflict of modern history, we have seen the rulers involved come together and pledge to give up national sovereignty in order to secure peace. This is always a deception. The centralization of power away from national governments during the twentieth century was not driven by the will of the people or to improve security. It was a top-down betrayal of the people engineered by a fanatical Luciferian elite.

The endgame of this project for global enslavement is approaching. We can see the battle lines being drawn up between the people of the world on one side and the globalist cabal that controls the institutions, central banks and political systems of the world on the other. Just as foretold in Christian and Islamic scriptures, the focus of the conflict will be in the Middle East and particularly around Israel.

Whether you believe the Bible or not is unimportant. They do. The Luciferian religion has very specific beliefs, although these have been concealed from view to most of the population until very recently.

This religion believes that Lucifer was punished by the Creator for bringing technology and science to humanity. It is a twisted and confused set of doctrines that sees Satan, not Jesus, as the saviour of humanity. This Luciferian elite looks forward to a technocratic slave state with themselves at the head controlling a depopulated world of submissive and ignorant proles.

The origins of this religion go back to ancient Egypt and the Greek mystery cults of antiquity. In these cults, members would be initiated into philosophical mysteries which initiates believed granted them power and wisdom.

With the coming of Christianity, these mystery cults and their beliefs went underground and absorbed Christian heresies as well as Eastern doctrines. During the Middle Ages they were passed down secretly as gnostic knowledge. With the coming of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, these occult beliefs and practices spread throughout the secret societies which sprouted up in Europe and North America. They continue to spread via secret societies and elite organizations to this day.

The Enlightenment doctrines which have been spread widely through organizations such as the Royal Society and the universities are not the beliefs of the Luciferian elite. They are deceptions which were designed to make modern man ignorant, foolish and depraved. These doctrines, such as radical scepticism, relativism and scientific materialism, destroy the capacity for wisdom by denying any metaphysical foundations of reality for modern man.

These ways of thinking now form the worldview of most people around the world. They have made modern man believe that only the physical world is real and that he can invent his own standards for morality and truth. This makes him hopelessly enslaved to his own senses and to the propaganda of the elites.

His enslavement is further secured by his indebtedness to banking interests which are ultimately controlled by the financial elite.

The globalist template was laid out by Plato in his book The Republic two and a half thousand years ago. Plato described a state in which all change has been arrested and a few at the top use myths and terror to rule the many below. Imagine a pyramid with a tiny godlike elite having absolute power over every individual on the planet. A society with no hope and no escape. This is the globalists’ ultimate objective.

As the globalists creep ever closer to achieving their objectives, they are bringing their dark religion out into the open. We have witnessed disturbing rituals at CERN, as well as outright Satanic imagery during a tunnel opening in Switzerland. These are not simply meaningless pageants put on for a decadent multicultural elite. They are rituals with a specific religious purpose.

The difference between the Luciferian elite and Christians is that these madmen have embraced evil. They think Christians are naïve fools. They also believe they can defeat God. This is what makes them so bold and so fanatical. Their insanity has now brought the world to the brink of nuclear destruction as part of their tyrannical agenda.

Luciferian influence over American culture, government and society is everywhere. Gnostic themes are put into seemingly Biblical movies such as Noah, and predictive programming is used in all large Hollywood blockbusters in order to inoculate the masses to prepare them for the globalist agenda. The reporters and senior journalists that Americans look to for their news and views are often Deep State operatives with links to the globalist agenda.

In order to ensure control of the future, the twisted Hollywood elite groom and traumatize talented children such as Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears in order to pervert and demoralize the next generation of our youth. The crooked establishment has been able to do this due to the good nature of everyday Americans who take things at face value and trust their national institutions.

The globalists believe that the final battle against the Creator is coming soon. Like many Muslims and Christians, the globalists believe the end times are at hand. This is what they been preparing for over the centuries. They are not going to back down now, no matter what the cost for humanity.

The Bible tells us clearly in Psalm 2 and Genesis 11 that the Luciferian elite which seeks to remove the moral law of God and bring all humanity under the control of a fanatical religious hierarchy will fail. Even if you are not a believer in Jesus, the agenda of the globalist cabal remains the same. The moral decay of America has not been accidental. It is being done intentionally, hidden in plain sight. The elite pursuing this agenda has been able to do it due to the trusting nature of an American population distracted by entertainment and propaganda. It is time for the American people to wake up to the realities of globalism and fight to restore national sovereignty, as God intended it. The entire world is counting on it.

  • warty2

    Aspects of this has been looked at by Adam Tooze in his The Deluge: The Great War and the Remaking of Global Order 1916-1931. In it, he looks at Woodrow Wilson’s concept of ‘peace without victory’, which has driven American policy ever since, and pretty iniquitous it is too. There you have Israel, who has been under existential threat, from before even the 1948 Arab war, and America, and Europe, attempting to tie its hands at every turn.
    There was a time when the winner took the spoils. England and Europe are the way and the shape they are because of centuries and centuries of warfare. The English language reflects the various victors. But since WWI Wilson sought to introduce American hegemony, partly as a result of its industrial, military and financial clout, but also because it wished to be seen as the rational, the reasonable arbiter over and above the Old World delinquents, who could not help themselves but to go to war at the drop of a hat. Well at least that’s the way Wilson saw it.
    Now, Israel is expected to hand back every inch of territory it once captured. Forget any historical claims. Forget the fact that, with the exception of the 7 Day War, she was attacked first, with every intention of driving every last Jew into the sea. And in the case of the Seven Day War, Israel, in fear for its life, launched a preemptive strike to steal a march on its Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian and Egyptian enemies, already massed on its borders.
    This philosophy has put America in the driver’s seat, has made her into the World Policeman, which only now is being seriously challenged. It has been an iniquitous policy, and we need, as you quite rightly say, to get our bloody borders back.
    To the victors the spoils I say.

    • I agree Warty. I’m a YUGE admirer of the American people but I absolutely detest their vile secret establishment. That’s why I write against the oligarchy so much. I despise them.

      I haven’t read that book, but from what I’ve learned I agree that Wilson was a key figure in the development of the most powerful empire that never existed. He was a big proponent of the Social Gospel movement which drove Progressivism and has discredited Christianity ever since. Mongrel. Even today, most Americans will deny that their country is an empire. It’s amazing, really. I don’t blame them, they’ve been deceived by a neo-colonialist model which uses financial imperialism to plunder the world while pretending to keep it free.

      I think the old-fashioned method of imperialism was far more honest and beneficial. Around the world, the Europeans raised up the standard of humanity when they ruled. Now the empire makes you a banana republic and gives you shopping centres full of stuff that most people in the world can’t afford. It’s a cruel and cold empire, run for the benefit of those at the top.

      Look at me, I sound like Noam Chomsky or John Pilger…

  • Karen Dwyer

    Hi Moses A.,

    I’m not sure that the humans involved are as aware of, and as organised as the spiritual forces directing them. The phrase that Lenin used, “useful idiots”, is applied to all sorts of situations these days, but is also applicable here. Even those with direct knowledge and purpose will blieve that THEY are in control of evil spiritual forces and not vice versa.

    The excerpts from the Swedish tunnel opening were quite something. (The poster from the album cover on Rolling Stones’ “Goat’s Head Soup” made me feel nauseous the first time I saw it. I feel that same gut revulsion seeing all the goatiness in the bizarre performance for the tunnel opening).

    It’s probably true that many Christians are naive and foolish. Movements like “prosperity theology” have been very damaging. Somehow, “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” is not being lived as a promise and truth.

    It is interesting that you cite both Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, both coming from (somewhat dysfunctional) Christian homes.

    God’s Word also warns us that there will be wolves among the flock (I.e. in pastoral positions) and it is incumbent on us as believers and parents to be be familiar with His Word in context. And believing it.

    We don’t fit into the mainstream, nor should we. We might well be weak and foolish in ourselves, but we are not abiding in ourselves.

    The Epistles really come to life, don’t they, given the world we live in.

    Thanks for this article; it confirms and affirms the need and resolve to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, firmly.

    • I always enjoy reading your comments Karen. So thoughtful and well-informed.

      I agree with you that the people involved probably aren’t as aware as they might appear and that they are deluded by thinking they are in control. Good points.

      I’ve noticed before as well that many people who end up serving the enemy come from Christian backgrounds. I wonder if the devil uses them to mock and discredit Christianity? It’s probably silly trying to understand such things I guess, but I still get curious about such things.

      Your last sentence is very true. It seems to me that Christians either deny completely how the enemy operates and then end up with children who fall away from the faith, or they go the other way and become obsessed about pyramids with eyes and end up exasperating everyone around them. We are told be wise like a serpent and have the heart of a dove. Many Christians get those mixed up.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I was reluctant to publish this at first as I wasn’t sure it would be well-received. It seems, however, there is some interest among believers for discussion of these topics. God bless you and your family Karen.

      • Karen Dwyer

        Thank you, Moses A. You write on a broad range of topics so coherently that there is always much to think about and respond to. Your articles open up discourse, rather than closing it down. That’s quite a skill, particularly as you have definite (i.e. not wishy-washy) conclusions.

        Re speculation about Christian families, I suppose that as each person must have their own relationship with Jesus then there is always the potential for that relationship to be uprooted before it is established. It’s worth thinking these things through so that we can guard our own families and support our brothers and sisters, too.

        The desire for power and control is a mainstay of the occult. Therefore, if family members are overbearing and “use God” to wield power then the family will suffer. A different aspect is to have a permissiveness in the family whereby there is no constancy of faith (ruled by emotion or by whatever is popular in the world). Both sorts of family are vulnerable, because Jesus has been ousted from His central position in the life of each person and in the family.

        Clearly, a fuzzy view of Christianity isn’t much help either. So “being nice”, being “good”, being “popular”, are equated with being Christian. So too bible verses on posters, or certain social events, or “appearance”.

        Nothing really can replace Jesus as Lord. Nor can the Living Word be cut into pieces (taken out of context, added to, substituted, or things left out) without evil consequences.

        Additionally, I believe that (like sheep) the weak and vulnerable are targeted deliberately. Depredations continue to be made in order to reduce, weaken and disorient the rest of the family/church.

        It’s quite sobering to realise that the words “don’t give the devil a foothold” mean exactly that not only for our children but our children’s children. The time to commence praying is before they are conceived. And the knowledge that our poor choices will be visited on our children can help rein us in. The knowledge that God is faithful to a thousand generations of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose also strengthens us.

        May I encourage you to continue to write even those articles that might well be unpopular, or even merely disregarded? You have the ability (like Paul) to “become all things to all men” when you write. I don’t have that skill or experience; I have never been an atheist, for example, so there is only so far I can cast my own experiences. I tend to be much more “black and white” and while there is a strength in that it can also get up people’s noses. I aim to speak the truth in love, but realise it still won’t always be received that way.

        Just a caveat for you: make sure you are firmly anchored in God’s Word and taking time to be still and listen to His Holy Spirit. Test what you hear people you like or respect have to say; make sure it stays true to the Gospel. Press on with your writing. Be available to your family foremost, though.

        God bless you and your family, also.

      • Karen Dwyer

        P.s. You chose good links with good graphics (particularly re tunnel). I did look at You Tube thereafter and while I don’t agree with all interpretations of all parts of the ceremony (on You Tube, not in reference to your article)