Everyone’s A Marxist Now

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Post originally appeared on XYZ.

If you believe that equality is the utmost aspiration for civilised societies, if you believe that certain categories of humanity have been denied equality by other groups throughout history, if you believe that the causes of inequality are structural and if you believe that it is legitimate for the power of the State to be used to reduce inequality then you’re a Marxist. You might prefer a more polite term such as ‘progressive’ or say that you just think everyone should have a ‘fair go’ or just have thought those beliefs so natural that you don’t even notice them, but it doesn’t matter. You’re a Marxist.

If this is true, of course, it’s a problem. Our entire ruling class, apart perhaps from some ostracised academics with tenure and some cranks at Quadrant, believes that the above statements are correct. You will not find a person in any parliament who really believes and says openly that taxes should be abolished and the welfare-warfare state dismantled. The bunfight displays we see in Canberra are about who gets shafted and who gets bribed, not whether shafting and bribing should go on at all. This means then that we are ruled by Marxists. Our children are taught by Marxists, our newspapers and news programmes are Marxist propaganda, our books are Marxist agitprop and this weekend’s election will validate yet another Marxist regime. The horror!

Of course by now you’ve probably scoffed at least half a dozen times. We’re not Marxist, we’re ‘Strayan! We’re democratic. We’re free and rugged. And stuff. We made Steve Irwin. Humour me for just a few more minutes to see if this preposterous claim might not be true. Let’s start with the man at the centre of it all.

Prior to that drunken, violent, lazy, bearded and by some accounts smelly German-Jewish scribbler, there were people who hated ‘capitalism’, or at least a version of it they imagined. Rousseau comes to mind. The man who inspired the French Revolution believed that property was the original sin and that civilisation had corrupted the Edenic nature of original man. Reason would set us free as we eradicated the aristocracy and built a new utopia based on its guiding light. The result was the bloody madness of the Revolution, the Terror and the bizarre cult of the state set up shortly afterwards. Once Napoleonic autocracy came along it was forgotten as a brief embarrassment to an otherwise great nation. Rousseau’s ideas could never seriously be considered again as the basis for an actual political system, although that didn’t stop generations of young utopian firebrands from drinking deep at the trough of his insanity. Updated versions of Rousseau’s thinking have popped up occasionally like mushrooms in a cow paddy since. They could be seen in Cambodia in the late 70’s when under the Paris-educated Khmer Rouge elite babies’ heads were being smashed upon treetrunks. The revolution didn’t live long for them.

Marx stands out amongst all utopian philosophers though for the sheer enormity of his influence and the resilience and adaptability of his ideas. His theory has had more updates than Firefox, and we’re today operating under political software which has applied Marx’s ideas to culture and identity. This was easily accepted by intellectuals and their academic acolytes after the trauma of WWII and its explanation being found in National Socialist ideology – evil happened because Christian white men are intolerant, so therefore the solution – tolerate everything! (Except Christian white men. They need to be repressed). Never mind that the Nazis were socialists, hated Christianity and that this cultural form of Marxism perpetuated the Nazi obsession with racial identity. The bottomless well of Marxist ideology provided the answer, as always. The messiah of leftism had again saved the day.

This may be proven in time to be the deadliest version of Marxism yet, but let’s look at his ideas for a little while before we investigate just how exactly the people who run our society are Marxists. Marx provided a philosophical foundation for anti-Christianity. Christianity had been the intellectual bedrock of European thought for 1500 years. It wasn’t going to be dislodged quickly (although each year sees it fade ever more slightly). If any intellectual was going to claim the prize of really doing what Nietzsche ranted about and actually kill God, he would have to replace this Christian foundation with a simulacrum which could appeal to the same instincts in man as Christianity did but be used to further the utopian agenda socialists dreamed of. This was Marx’s great contribution. For those it empowered, it is seen as a contribution to humanist thought and the transformation of society. For the hundreds of millions it has murdered and enslaved, the contribution might be viewed differently.

When we look at the horde of keyboard warriors who fill our airways constantly with their propaganda for fairness, equality and social justice, we see the fervor of religiosity. This is no accident. Becoming a Marxist is akin to being initiated into a mystery cult. You buy into the philosophy and you are then more ‘enlightened’ than the ignorant masses who remain mired in superstition and self-interest. Our schools and universities fulfill the function of the ancient pagan temples and carry out the training and initiation. That these institutions also have a monopoly on entrance into the professional class has made Marxist religion particularly successful at replicating and eliminating any rivals.

A religion achieves supremacy when the people who live in the society no longer even notice how that religion frames the thoughts and beliefs of the people. Like Confucianism in the Korean peninsula, Catholicism in 15th century Spain or animism in pre-18th century Australia, Cultural Marxism has achieved near-total supremacy in Australia today. To oppose its norms and memes is to be not just a heretic, but insane. If it were Confucianism, Catholicism or animism which had achieved this feat, the danger would not be so great. The body count of those faiths in rather negligible. The religion which has become hegemonic in Australia today, however, is the most deadly belief system the world has ever known. Hundreds of millions died and countless more lived lives of toil and misery during the 20th century due to Marxism. It should be treated as the most dangerous mental virus on the planet. Already the fissures in our social fabric are appearing all over the place. If the historical pattern of Marxism repeats, these are just the beginnings of another orgy of violence unleashed by this religion of envy, pride, theft and hate.

David Hilton
Teacher, writer, PhD. Published on the Daily Caller, Zero Hedge, Spectator Australia and XYZ. Anti-Marxist campaigner and fanatical truth-teller. Beware the leaven of the Pharisees.