The Democratic Socialist People’s Republic of Australia

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Across the West, the left are becoming increasingly unhinged. Despite it now being official that the Trump-Russia narrative really is fake news, the media even here in Australia are still defending their hysterical conspiracy theories about Russian interference in the US presidential election. We’ve always known that the left care nothing for the truth; nowadays though they seem to not even care that we know. They’ve lost all shame.

Like all narcissists, the postmodern left now openly argue that their lying is justified because it serves a higher purpose. Theirs, of course.

Alongside the usual rhetoric of victimhood and blame, we are now also seeing the left’s language become increasingly violent. This is having consequences. When attention-seeking agitators like Clementine Ford call for the murder of all men, unstable footsoldiers of the neo-Marxist establishment take her seriously. We’ve already seen Soros’ fake ninjas Antifa physically attack thought criminal Andrew Bolt.

If history is any guide, violence from the left is only set to increase. There are rocky shoals ahead for the Australian ship of state, and we will need wisdom to navigate them.

The beginning of wisdom is calling things by their real names, and this has become more and more difficult in Australia over recent decades. Those of us who value facts over feelings have watched our nation’s progressive slide into foolishness and decadence with dismay. Sanity will only begin to return once we, as a people, look reality in the face and acknowledge the truth about what we’ve become.

Australia is not a ‘commonwealth’. Maybe it never was. Whatever wealth we may have had has been squandered through private debt and public malfeasance, and given our demographic trends we increasingly have nothing in common with each other either.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves. We’re a democratic socialist republic ruled by a neo-Marxist establishment which sees our cultural, moral and biological destruction as the utopian endpoint of history.

Such is life in the soft totalitarianism of the DSPRA. I feel wiser already.

Just like in Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China, we are witnessing a frenzy of verbal and physical violence from the left as part of a moral panic as they seek to achieve ideological purity across society. Marxist societies always have these recurrent bouts of purges and inquisitions. Instead of seeking out bourgeois counter-revolutionaries, however, the group which is being purged today is white males who have not repented of their identity.

If you’re an Aussie bloke and you’re not grovelling before the cultural Marxists, watch out. The frightbat secret police is coming for you.

The Old World went through the horrors of communism before they learned the hard way that reality matters and there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. They also learned that utopian idealism is the highway to the gulag archipelago.

We in the New World instead chose democratic socialism; communism-lite with the ritual of voting added in to provide the illusion of popular sovereignty. This has turned out to be even worse, as it has allowed Marxist ideology to incubate for longer and spread its dialectic of envy and hate beyond class to identity categories like race, gender, sexuality and religion.

Instead of the proletariat looting the bourgeoisie, we have the welfare-dependent vicious and indolent using the power of the state to plunder the ill-gotten gains of the virtuous and productive. Instead of Pravda telling us to beware the mental illness of anti-revolutionary thinking, we have Fairfax, SBS and the ABC scolding us constantly for the mental illnesses of racism, sexism, homo- and Islamophobia. In the case of the last two outlets, they’re doing so using tax money taken from those they’re targeting in the first place.

Cultural Marxism is dismissed by the left as a conspiracy theory of the alt-right. It is not. It is very real, and is being preached relentlessly in classrooms, lecture halls, media studios and government offices across the nation. It’s a cult of identity obsessed with victimhood; a gravy train of grievance that has proved lucrative for those who have learned to deploy the jargon of social injustice to hold the rest of Australia hostage to their demands.

This application of the Marxist dialectic to identity, race, culture and faith is the philosophical basis for hate labels such as sexist, racist, Islamophobe, transphobe and every other neologism the left creates to whip up mad mobs and shut down rational debate. It is the reason that using plain speech and calling things by their real names has become so dangerous. Should you do so, you could lose your job or worse.

Obsessed with valorising women’s contributions to history, academics have failed to note to their impressionable students that white men built the modern world. The same pattern of distortions, omissions and falsehoods has been applied by cultural Marxists on campus when it comes to Aboriginal history, the civilisation of Australia by the British and the history of Islam, among other topics. Those students have gone on to become our ruling establishment, and as a result of their indoctrination they are thoroughly convinced that we are the worst people to have ever lived in all of history.

Forget the marauding hordes of Genghis Khan or the brutal massacres of the Turkish conquests. In the minds of the Marxists who run our nation, we white guys are the worst of the worst.

Australia is today at a crossroads. For fifty years now, the cultural Marxist left has been destroying our cultural foundations. Already, the heritage that was passed down to us by our ancestors has been defaced and denigrated beyond recognition. Such cultural vandalism has consequences for the morale and the morality of a nation.

The conservative approach which those who love this country have taken during the culture wars of the last half-century has been proved inadequate. There is nothing left to conserve; the left have thoroughly corrupted and debased the cultural legacy of Western societies. Moral order has been inverted. The vicious prey on the virtuous and the foolish mock the wise. We preach debauchery to our children and call it liberation.

If we are to hand anything of our proud and glorious heritage down to our grandchildren, we must stop playing defence. The Marxists won’t stop until the country is completely destroyed. If stopping them means being called a bad name, so be it. We’ve got a nation to save, and a regime to overturn. It’s time for the counter-revolution to begin.

  • Goo gler

    Very good article ! Calling it as it is. Thank you Moses. Young white men (and women) would do well to heed your call to counter-revolution.