Cultural Relativism Is Cultural Suicide

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One of the bedrock falsehoods of leftist thinking is that cultures, races, genders, individuals have no innate differences. For the leftist, we’re all the same on the inside. After the horrors of World War II, the left cleverly convinced a traumatised public that peace had eluded humanity throughout history because of our adherence to arbitrary cultural and religious distinctions between individuals and groups. The history of postwar globalism has been the use of international supernational organisations such as the UN, IMF, think tanks and propaganda to advance this false narrative. As the stupidity of this belief system is incrementally revealed in the bang of each new jihadi going to his virgins, the indoctrinated masses become more and more dogmatic in asserting the delusion. It’s tragic, it’s bizarre, and it’s suicide.

It’s also why leftists are globalists. Isn’t it odd that during this era of Cultural Marxist domination of our schools, universities, media and government, the neo-liberal agenda of global corporate tyranny proceeds unimpeded? That’s because leftists only rhetorically oppose corporate tyranny. Leftist dogma works hand-in-hand with the financial oligarchy to erase national distinctions and mash humanity into a turgid mass of compliant conformists. The leftist is fanatical in their belief that utopia will be achieved when all distinctions between individuals and groups have been erased. The anthem of leftist utopianism, usually trotted out whenever another rabid Muhammadan blows people up, is Lennon’s Imagine. The lyrics could have been written by Soros himself. The corporate globalist is determined to eradicate all barriers to their sovereign ownership of all the planet’s resources, including its humans. It’s a match made in hell, and it’s why postwar history has been seeming to move inexorably in the same direction toward less freedom, the destruction of nationhood and control by global elites. We’re being betrayed from both the left and the phony right, from the top and the bottom.

Globalists don’t actually want diversity. A diverse world is one of distinct and unique cultures each thriving as idiosyncratic expressions of what it means to be human. It’s not a world where mass immigration is used as a cultural, political and economic weapon against Western peoples. As usual, leftists don’t mean what they say when they praise and idolise the concept of diversity. They use the phrase as a dog-whistle for the destruction of whites, the oppression of males and the silencing of Christians. The diversity religion that has become universal in Western societies is a sacrificial faith – and the sacrifice is Western civilisation. As penance for the sin of bringing the light of modernity to a benighted globe, Westerners now need to hand over the fruits of our labour to other races and abort and breed ourselves out of existence.

To the leftist, all cultures are essentially plastic and can be infinitely remoulded by circumstances. The same applies to individuals – it doesn’t matter if Western birth rates have collapsed due to overtaxation, feminism, pre-natal infanticide and hedonistic dissipation. The babies who aren’t being born to natives can be replaced with immigrants from anywhere else. It’s a falsehood that we are rapidly discovering leads to disastrous consequences, and by denying the reality of actual cultural diversity in favour of an ideology that preaches diversity but in reality is rooted in the idea of human sameness is positively dangerous. Just ask the people in Nice. If we can’t talk honestly about culture, race and gender, then the existential problems we are facing will only grow worse. That’s why PC has got to go.

As an aside, I’m not a white nationalist; I’m a civilisationist. I emphasise Western civilisation because our national identities have been so eroded by propaganda and demographic warfare that they are largely meaningless. The battle worth fighting and winning is the one of beliefs, faith and ideas, not skin colour. I share ethnic identity with the leftists who have sold our civilisation out to advance their careers and feed their morbid life-hatred, and they are my foe. I’ve met brown and yellow and black people from all parts of the world, mostly Christians, who are thoroughly Western in their values and outlook and they are my allies. They have also been abandoned by the civilisation that they admire still, and they do not grumble. They believe in us more than we do, and there are more of them than most Westerners realise. Our fight is one of faith and belief, not blood and kin.

The real cultural diversity we need to begin seriously discussing are the differences between cultures which enable human flourishing and those which inhibit it. This diversity is much more interesting, much more relevant and much more important than the code-word for Western self-immolation the left uses. The leftist concept of human interchangeability which gives us the polyglot monoculture of postmodernity is not diverse. It is the balkanisation of society resulting in a sludge at permanent war with itself. Just as individuals have deeply-rooted idiosyncracies, societies have innate peculiarities which are immutable over time. Some cultures are more compatible with each other, although on the whole monocultural societies tend to have the highest trust and greatest stability. There may be some sacrifices when it comes to innovation, although even this is being disproved by the creativity we are seeing come out of East Asia. We are unable to study or debate these topics, however, due to the permanent leftist inquisition which crushes any heresy which goes against their orthodoxy. The puritanical dogmatism of Cultural Marxism is a smokescreen which allows leftists to destroy Western civilisation unimpeded, and the time for this abomination to be wiped out entirely has long since passed. It may be too late for the West already, but it is too important for the sane among us still left not to try.

David Hilton
Teacher, writer, PhD. Published on the Daily Caller, Zero Hedge, Spectator Australia and XYZ. Anti-Marxist campaigner and fanatical truth-teller. Beware the leaven of the Pharisees.