Cultural Marxists Enable Islamists

This post originally appeared on XYZ.

Before I begin this post, in the interests of full disclosure, I should confess something to you, my dear reader. If it’s something that offends or ‘triggers’ you, then I suggest you discontinue reading. It will only distress you. My confession is that, from the very core and essence of my being, I hate Cultural Marxism. I hate all its forms. I hate critical theory. I hate feminism. I hate postcolonialism. I hate queer theory. I hate literary deconstruction. That does not mean that I hate women, non-whites, gay people or slam poets. On the contrary, as a Christian I work hard to love everyone I meet. What I hate is the ideology of morbid anti-Westernism which is preached without ceasing across the classrooms, lectures halls, media studios and government bureaucracies across this beautiful continent. I hate that we are taught to hate ourselves so much, and my hatred arises from a true love for all the people of this great nation. Especially my ancestors, the people who tamed the land and built it. They deserve our honour, not our contempt.

Now that I have laid out my bias clearly in front of you, let’s see if I can make the case for the troubling claim you see above. It’s a dense topic, but stick with me. It’s an important one.

A stupendous amount of intellectual work has been done over the past half-century in universities across the Western world developing arguments and theories which prove the thesis that traditional, white, Western men are the worst people that have ever lived on the planet. Unless you have experienced it first hand, it will be difficult for you to appreciate the scale of this industry of cultural self-annihilation. Entire university faculties, peer-review journals and academic careers are built on mining rich veins of hatred that exist for Western civilisation. For many academics and their students, this has become so commonplace that to suggest it is controversial is to invite controversy upon yourself. For decades now the intellectual landscape, particularly in the social sciences and literature but increasingly in fields such as law and medicine as well, has been shaped by the noxious tropes of Cultural Marxism. The grievance gravy train awards scholarships, make-work jobs, academic positions and favourable treatment based on how disadvantaged you can present your particular identity group as being. If you’re a dyslexic, disabled, lesbian orphan refugee with an inspiring story of beating the odds, you’re going places. You might even get a Nobel Prize like Malala or Barack.

How did we get so nuts?

Like all totalitarian movements of the left, Cultural Marxism has worked tirelessly to suppress historical narratives that contradict its dogma and to promote historical narratives that support it. It’s as Orwell, that wonderful former leftist, wrote, “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future”. Take feminism, for example. In the history of humanity, few civilisations have ever granted as much autonomy and dignity to women as the modern West. By the twentieth century, Western women had a lifestyle which put them in the top 0.01% of humanity throughout history. The wealth that enabled that leisure and enjoyment was largely created by men. Upper-class women in particular had lives that people from centuries before would have considered heavenly. Queen Victoria ruled over a quarter of the globe, while a century later the average Western woman had access to food, technologies and comforts that would have made Emperor Nero jealous. Rather than seeking to understand what had created this vast wealth and replicate those conditions more thoroughly throughout the world though, researchers in the social sciences in Western universities have spent the last 50 years bleating endlessly about how oppressed and marginalised Western women are by the deus ex machina of patriarchy. Women are biologically suited to taking care of children? Patriarchy! Women choose to work less as a result, and so there is an earnings gap? Patriarchy! Women fall pregnant after irresponsible fornication and are left holding the baby? Patriarchy! The anti-male output of the last fifty years is staggering, and the misandric vitriol and bile that is spoon-fed to girls and boys in our education system is poison to healthy relationships. The historical topics that are chosen and the way they are framed in school classrooms and university lecture halls have convinced Westerners that white maleness is the original sin creating injustice and oppression. The effect of this has been to create a gender war which destroys families and weakens our morale and our resolve, right at the time when our ancient rivals in the Middle East are resurgent. Cultural Marxists have already ensured that Muslim men have won the gender wars. The results of this, particularly in Europe, will be grim.

The leftist historical revisionism which has been most destructive and dangerous, however, is postcolonialism. According to postcolonial ‘researchers’, European imperialism has been the great (and usually the only) evil which has created all the suffering and injustice in the modern world. If you were to sit in a high school history classroom today, you would hear endless tales of the suffering of black slaves in the cotton fields of the South, the cruel treatment of Aborigines in Australia, the barbarism of the Belgians in the Congo and the unmerited aggression of the Crusades. In the leftist narrative, the world was pure and innocent until imperialist Europeans sought to conquer and enslave the planet following the cold logic of market capitalism. Ironically, these leftist anti-Western narratives are extremely racist. In the leftist’s historical viewpoint, non-Western peoples are almost entirely without agency. Their role is to simply be victims. It’s an insult to those proud cultures, and robs those people of any individuality and nuance. They are like brown paper cut-outs to be paraded before students to make them hate whitey. The historical reality of European imperialism is much more complex, much more human and much more uplifting than these nihilistic leftist narratives. Imperialism is a bloody business, yet empires must be evaluated in terms of what they bring as well as what they take. On balance, Western imperialism was far more enlightened than the extractive barbarism of the Arabs, the genocidal cruelty of the Turks or the blood-mad savagery of the Mongols. What other empires brought paved roads, medicines, modern agriculture, electricity, railroads, automobiles, universal education, the rule of law, equality of opportunity, modern infrastructure or natural rights? Many of the peoples who were ruled by the Europeans, particularly those who were ruled by the British, remember their rule fondly. If we look at Africa, Latin America and parts of Asia, they were much better off when they were ruled by the European imperialists. To suggest this more balanced view in a classroom or university tutorial today would get you immediately labelled as a thought criminal. If you were to do your research and then argue that the Crusades were a defensive action against Muslim aggression, that the Arab black slave trade in the Mediterranean was far more brutal than the Atlantic one and that Britain was the one nation in human history which ended slavery using its own military resources, you would be quickly shut down by the teacher. It would be doubleplusungood for your academic results as well.

These philosophical weapons, finely honed through years of academic careerism and groupthink, have been eagerly taken up by our Islamist foes. As mentioned earlier, the anti-Western academic output of the last fifty years has been staggering. Like an intellectual munitions plant, Western universities have been developing and honing philosophical weapons to destroy Western civilisation by destroying our culture. It’s the Marxist dialectic applied to culture, using identity groups as substitutes for the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. It has not been only Western students, though, who have had these philosophical weapons placed in their hands. Many intellectuals from the Islamic world, supported by their oil-rich fundamentalist governments, have also studied at Western universities and taken these anti-Western weapons back home. Salafi Sunni Muslims, particularly Wahhabists funded out of Saudi Arabia, have spread these anti-Western intellectual weapons developed by Cultural Marxists across the Islamic world. If you debate Muslims for any length of time, as I have, you will notice that their points and the evidence they use to support them come directly from the work of Cultural Marxist academics. Muslims are taught in their mosques and communities to use these arguments to disable and deter honest questions and debate by Westerners. Although few Muslims actually read the Quran and the Hadith, these Islamic texts provide examples and instructions to Muslims on how to use information warfare to advance the faith, such as the practice of taqiyya: using lies to advance the cause of Islam. When Westerners encounter self-confident Islamist apologists who use the same arguments that the person probably heard at school anyway about the evils of Western culture, this leads to self-abasement and submission. Submission to Islamists is never a good idea; it’s what the word ‘Islam’ means in Arabic.

As the number and intensity of Islamist attacks in Europe grows, we see leftists jumping up and down to excuse Islamic terrorism and tell us shrilly that the ‘real victims’ are Muslims. No, the real victims are in a body bag on the pavement or in pieces inside the train. Cultural Marxists defend and excuse Islamism because jihadis and leftists share a common enemy – Western civilisation. Every time civilian blood spatters on the pavements of Europe and elsewhere in the years to come, a portion of that blood is on the hands of every fifth columnist in our universities, media, schools and government who have made their careers destroying the cultural foundations of Western civilisation. The West isn’t perfect, but it’s better than any of the alternatives. For too long leftists have gotten away with making us doubt and hate ourselves, using our universal principles and good nature against us. This needs to end. It’s time we teach our children about the good the West has done for the world, and provide them with a standard to aspire to and emulate. It’s time we teach our boys that it is possible to be noble and virtuous men, and our girls that men are not the enemy. Not the Western ones, anyway. If we don’t regain our cultural confidence soon then it will be lights out for the West and the Cultural Marxists and the Islamists will have achieved their objective, and the world will be a much poorer place.

  • warty2

    The utter pervasiveness of Marxist ideology seems overwhelming at times, and certainly reading this article has the effect of underlining this. For me, and you by the looks of things, the only alternative is to study up; know your enemy; and write, and then write some more.

    We talk of the Greens and the ‘progressives’ as being just part of an inner city elite, with ideas based on theory rather than ‘lived’ experience; and it is because so much of their gunk just doesn’t ring true that middle Australia and middle America have had a gut full. Your blog is an important part of the fight back, and it will give heart to others who may not have a voice.

    Some bloke who called himself Wojciech, just some reader/responder to an article in The Australian, compared the spread of ‘progressive’ ideology to a rubber band: ‘it’s just like stretching a rubber band: it will come back if stretched too far’. I think we may be reaching the point of maximum expansion and the returning ‘twang’ may not be all that pretty.

    • Whenever I get a bit tired of creating this stuff I watch ABC for ten minutes mate and it gets me back on track. You’re absolutely right that we need to defeat them intellectually before any political or cultural change can happen. Our secret weapon is that we have reality on our side.

      Sometimes I think of it as just late-stage imperial degeneracy. It seems that success of civilisations breeds their downfall. Can you imagine what they would have done to those Greens parliamentarians a century ago? Such treachery would not have been tolerated for five minutes. Now it’s applauded.

      I think the pendulum theory is correct. It seems to me that history moves in cycles, and we’re due for a swingback. Recently I’ve become concerned that the response is going to be national socialism; I’m all for racial identity and white rights but I hate socialism. Anyway, we’ll see I guess. I think we need to get past our anger, put these leftists in their place and fight to restore sanity. Emotional reactions end up being counterproductive. Good sharing ideas with you mate. The more we talk to each other the more they lose.

      • warty2

        No, I think you are quite right: it may indeed be ‘late-stage degeneracy’. Looking at the close of the Roman Empire, despite Christianity, there were significant social dislocations: the wealthy using their influence to avoid taxation and the tax base shrinking to such an extent that they were no longer able to pay their mercenary armies; the poor having to share the tax burden and unable to exert the influence to enable it to be justly distributed; and simply sheer cultural lethargy/complacency preventing them to see the signs of decay vs ‘barbarian’ restlessness. It simply took the Danube freezing over for the floodgates to burst and their worst nightmare to eventuate.
        This is all very generalised and simplistic, but our ‘floodgates’ have in fact opened, particularly in Europe, and the likes of Hollande and Merkel are just not ‘seeing’ what is under their collective nossies.
        You are again right, with regards to the appalling spread of Critical Theory, emanating from the Hamburg School in the 1930s. But going by the obvious research that has gone into your article (above) you would know all this, and the fact that the largely Jewish ‘thinkers’ in the school fled to America and subsequently took up positions in universities throughout the States. These were the people who generated ideas about ‘identity’ politics; political correctness; anti colonialism etc; having combined philosophy with the social sciences, infusing the whole package with traditional Marxism. These ideas were introduced ‘trickle charge’ through universities throughout the West, to the point that many of the ideas have become almost instinctive/visceral amongst the social ‘elites’ even the general population.
        Look at the explosion of controversial issues that are plaguing us now: the highly irritating ‘welcome to country’ ceremonies given by aboriginal elders before rugby matches, opening of parliament etc; the Safe Schools programme and the whole radical feminist ideology permeating the domestic violence issue. All of these are infused with the Cultural Marxism you spoke about (philosophy combined with the social sciences, infused with traditional Marxism, but presenting an ‘apparently’ less totalitarian face than the Stalinist model, but ultimately far more dangerous because it is more insidious).
        You say ‘can you imagine what they would have done with those Green parliamentarians a century ago?’. Can you imagine what they will do to them in fifty years time, if we don’t turn things around? They’ll lop their self satisfied heads off long before yours or mine.