Cultural Marxism Created The Alt-Right

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The old never really understand the young, especially in times when the paradigm is changing. The old looked on with dismay during the 60’s and 70’s when so many Boomers rejected traditional morality and established social roles, inaugurating the Age of Aquarius with a utopian belief in the power of universalism to overcome tribalism. For the post-war idealists, flowers of tolerance were the answer to the guns of hatred that made the twentieth century so hellish for so many.

The post-war generations came to believe that World Wars I and II were the result of authoritarian white maleness. Central European theorists such as Theodor Adorno and Herbert Marcuse led the intellectual movement to convince young Westerners that this was the case, and were very successful. Those ideas fuelled the New Left movement that took over the campuses and the hippie movement that took over the culture.

This way of thinking has now become so dominant in postmodern Australia that many older Australians, especially those who drank the cultural Marxist Kool-Aid at university, think it is beyond question. To think otherwise is so utterly primordial as to be inhuman. As community organiser-in-chief Obama kept reminding us, the moral arc of history in the neo-Marxist West is toward multiculturalism, gender dysphoria and grrrl power.

Many young white men today look upon such idealism with dismay, and they are agreeing with their great-grandfathers that something is very, very wrong with it.

Their rebellion is taking the form of a radical reassertion of identity; a form of tribalism premised upon a hard-edged biological and cultural realism. Recent research is validating their views by discovering biological bases for differences between groups which were previously considered to result from socio-cultural conditioning, and each terrorist attack confirms that not all cultures are morally equivalent.

It turns out the hippies were wrong, and we are not born as blank slates to become interchangeable worker units for a neoliberal economic order. Believing that this way of thinking is leading to the collapse of Western civilisation, the alt-right see themselves as having nothing to lose by standing against it.

Just as the New Left rocked Western societies to the core during the 1960’s, the alt-right is set to do the same in coming years. Regardless of what one may think about it, and most older Australians are appalled, this movement appeals to young whites who have grown up on a diet of anti-white, anti-male cultural Marxist propaganda. They’ve seen terrorism increase while being told by their teachers that Islam is a religion of peace and instead we’re the problem. They’ve seen hordes of invaders stream into Europe while Western European leaders scolded their populations for being racist, and they’ve seen whole suburbs of Australian cities become not Australia anymore while public broadcasters cheered.

This is fuelling the movement against the neo-Marxist ideology of the establishment, and the movement is growing. As the alt-right like to say, the fire rises.

Despite what is often said, people do learn from history. They just learn the wrong things. Trauma drives history forward, and as each new generation reckons with the legacy of the one past they look for new answers to explain what has happened. When the young today see the world falling apart in real time, they conclude that our leaders are dangerously deluded about the realities facing us. Even Bill Gates now gets it.

Older generations thought that the horrors of the twentieth century had been laid to rest by our rejection of ethnic identity, gender distinctions and cultural standards. The future was to be a technocratic utopia of multiculturalism, self-expression and globalism. They were wrong. The Jetsons never happened, and instead we’ve got African gangs terrorising Melbourne and six-year-olds getting gender reassignment surgery.

History always comes back in new forms, with new faces that resemble what was thought gone. You can’t erase the past, no matter how much you wish it. The past always haunts the present with the menace of the future.

Those older generations should have asked themselves if they would have wished to have been born in an Australia where Australians were becoming a minority. Would they have wished to be born into a world where the Muslim mayor of London tells us that terrorism is part of living in a big city? Would they wish to be a young man today competing for women who have been told all their lives that men are inferior? Would they wish to be a young woman today whose suburb is now filled with foreigners whose presence makes her feel unsafe?

None of these questions were asked, because the ideology told us that tolerance and diversity would prevent the 1930’s from happening again and so must be maintained. We now know that was never true. The 1930’s are back, and their memes are dank.

Just as fascism and national socialism were ideological reactions against Marxism-Leninism, the alt-right is an ideological reaction against globalist cultural Marxism. These extremist ideological movements actually create their own negation, just as Marx outlined in his dialectical theory of historical materialism. At least he got something right.

Regardless of what older Australians think of it, the alt-right will continue to grow in the near future. Like the New Left 50 years ago, it will lead to demonstrations, campus violence, cultural revolution and ultimately political change. It’s just time, and despite what Obama thinks the pendulum of history is now swinging back toward realism, tradition and the tribe.

What is still in doubt though is just what the exact nature of this movement will be. The great neurosis of the cultural Marxists has been that all white men are proto-Nazis. This is why the left always smears their detractors with this label. It’s lost all meaning now, especially for a generation to whom Nazi Germany may as well be Bismarckian Prussia or the Holy Roman Empire.

Young white men have discovered identity politics, and regardless of what we think about it they are using this weapon to restore what they see as a civilisation betrayed.

The cultural Marxists believed that by destroying toxic white maleness they were destroying hate. It was a lie. The hate was instead inside them, driving them forward in their diabolical agenda. It has now provoked its logical and inevitable reaction, and as always hate has generated hate.

This leaves us with the most troubling and persistent question for those observing these developments: Just how much of the 1930’s will come back to haunt us?

  • LadyMoonlight

    I never thought I would live to see the swing-back to traditional values and society, but, I just might. That gives me some hope for the future.

  • Humble Forever

    Thanks for republishing this. The spectator took it down and I was bummed

  • Frank Greco

    “The cultural Marxists believed that by destroying toxic white maleness they were destroying hate.”

    I think you may be giving them more credit than they deserve. Whittaker Chambers said that he was drawn into the communist party after WWI because they presented it as a way to end war forever. He later realized, even before WWII, that this was always a lie, a sales-pitch carefully aimed at a generation horrified by modern warfare. Chambers eventually understood that the core of communism is atheism with its fundamental theorem: therefore, there is nothing special about man. People may be used as the “leadership” sees fit. I’d say that still sums up what the Marxists are about.

    To give credit where it is due, “hatred” is much more adaptable and useful than “class struggle.” It has been effective and that is all the Marxists care about.