Who is slackbastard?

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The Australian Labor Party Hates Australia

The Australian Labor Party was founded to represent the interests of the Australian people. Now they hate us.… Read the rest

Two Wongs don’t make a family

Senator Penelope Ying-Yen 'Penny' Wong savaged anyone who disagrees with fake marriage during her speech to the Senate last month. She made it clear that she would have preferred the political elite, almost all of them far leftists, make the decision themselves and force it on the Australian public. Asking the Australian public their view [...]… Read the rest

No poofters

My, how times have changed. Here we are, in the current year, not able to say in public that we support traditional marriage without getting fired, harassed of head butted. Not too long ago though, in gentler times, we could openly express our distain for homosexuality. Can you imagine the clip below airing on Australian [...]… Read the rest

We wuz aristocratz

This appeared first on XYZ. Except it turns out that Europeans today actually were. If you’re one of the few Boomers who haven’t been driven away by our notorious Boomerphobic streak here at the XYZ, you might not get the reference. Here’s the background. Kudos to you too for sticking around. You’re one of the [...]… Read the rest

Their ABC: Defenders of Devils

This appeared first on XYZ. Traitor. Shill. Adulterer. War criminal. Murderer. These are the words which should be used in the upcoming eulogies for John McCain. They won’t be though. It’ll be the usual vomitorious bilge they pump out for someone who served the interests of the globalist financial elite. Their ABC has already set [...]… Read the rest

The Democratic Socialist People’s Republic of Australia

This appeared first on The Spectator. Across the West, the left are becoming increasingly unhinged. Despite it now being official that the Trump-Russia narrative really is fake news, the media even here in Australia are still defending their hysterical conspiracy theories about Russian interference in the US presidential election. We’ve always known that the left [...]… Read the rest

Melbourne Welcomes Effigy of our Conquerors

This appeared first on XYZ. Today Melbourne, soon to be known as Melburnistan, welcomed an effigy of the conquerors of our racist, sexist civilisation. Echoing the ancient practice of bringing effigies of conquering gods into a vanquished city, our xenophilic elite organised for the 5-metre high inflatable image to be sailed up the Yarra. It [...]… Read the rest

There Will Be No More Mona Lisas

This piece appeared first on XYZ. Mrs Apostaticus, the toddler and I spent this weekend just gone in Melbourne. As usual, I came away with deep feelings about the place. Mostly I’m just relieved that I again resisted burning down the Immigration Museum. One day... The poz is so strong in Melbourne it could drive [...]… Read the rest

The Problem Of Democratic Sovereignty

This post appeared first on XYZ. This is the second in a series looking at sovereignty and political legitimacy in Western countries today. The first piece explored the problem of democratic legitimacy under socialism. The mood among the establishment media has shifted noticeably since the French election. Gone is the post-Trump melancholia. Lovers of the [...]… Read the rest